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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] xim4 flashing rgb
« on: 06:22 PM - 12/30/14 »
hey all, ive been using the xim4 and been loving it but last night i was uploading a bf4 profile and now the xim4 is just flashing its led's in rgb sequence..

any help with this would be appreciated.


Tutorials / new xim3 owner quick question
« on: 04:37 PM - 10/27/11 »
i just purchased the xim3 and was wondering how do i assign the buttons on the 360 used for sprinting.. the left joypad analog stick when pressed down, is used to sprint.. how do i assign this to the left shift.
i used a pre config setup for codmw2 and when i hit the shift key, my character swings the knife.

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