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XIM APEX Discussions / XIM with ps4 controller on pc
« on: 06:53 PM - 01/26/22 »
Switched to pc from console, doing great with M&k, but I decided to try the XIM and it works great on pc playing apex legends. It recognizes the controller but it doesnít show as controller input, it thinks im playing with my pc M&k but still gives me all the AA using the XIM. It feels really good! Does anyone use this same setup?

XIM APEX Discussions / Matching XIM apex sens to pc sens
« on: 09:03 PM - 01/11/22 »
So Iíve just switched to pc from console, been using XIM apex for 2 years on console but now I could finally build a pc. I played mostly apex legend, sensitivity  was 7-7 obviously lol. My aim now on apex is 2  and 1 add, the hip fire is fine but Iíll feel like I miss many shots ADSing, Iím trying to blame it on AA muscle memory but I think maybe my ads sense is higher than it was on console. Is there a way to calculate what console sens translates to pc ads?

Hardware Compatibility / Ps5 works with XIM using DS2z
« on: 11:36 AM - 11/12/20 »
I can confirm that it works, plug and play, just make sure you are switched to cable connection only on the ps5. Havenít checked the new controller but I doubt it will work since itís got a different chip. Iím playing apex legends just like I did with my old ps4 and it feels super smooth, even better at locked 60FPS.

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