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i connect xim4 to pc without any kb/m or controller on it
then i connect XİM 4 FLASH (Succesfull)
so my pc also connected to bluethoot aswell i can see in my bluetooth list there is other devices connected to XIM4
BUt  i cant connect xim4 manager

 so i try with phone aswell
then when i try to use XIM4 Manager  on my phone cannot connect in any way on my iphone x it gives -1 error on pc it says connect failure paired xim4 not found 6.

Can someone please help me ..

Hey i just broke my controller by the mistake and like there is a lot money diffrence with S-ONY brand and diffrent brands Snopy  Rampage etc  ?

Can ı buy and USE ANY CONTROLLER ? or it should be original version ?

When we use our xim ? whats happening on pc ? are we matching with ps xbox players ?
the reason i ask this all my buttons ps xbox buttons is that mean there may be ps xbox players againts me ?.

And only benefit we get from xim on pc is AİM ASİST ? or there are some other things ?

Hello im using xim 4
I wanna play apex legend on computer and benefit aim asist .

What i can use for controller ? because ps4 ps5 controllers are sooo expensive in my country ?
Like what is the minimum i can use ? maybe xbox 360 ? they are cheap or any idea ?

Hello Dear forum members and mods ,
Please dont judge me about what i ask and want .

İm about to order xim apex ,

What i expect from xim Apex

- Last month i meet with a guy playing with xim apex on PC , and he told me when he use xim apex ON PC he can also benefit from Aim Assisting and he was great like seriously good and he told me about xim apex product.

So What i expect is using xim apex for apex legend on pc ,

İs that true ? there is users doing this ?

how its happening ? we just plug xim and aim assist activate his self ?

so why peoples not just plug controller and mouse same time and benefit from it already ?

or can we just plug controller & m/kb and tadaa aim assit there ?

Can someone explain me how its happening what is the steps .

And is it really worth ? for me for example im realy bad at aiming :(

İs using xim apex on Pc give you that much benefits ?

or its not possible to use aim assist like he told me.This tool can be use to find spelling , gramar or stylistic errors in english texts. just paste some text in the the box and click 'Submit to check . Additionally, their are many different dialects you can chose from. Additionally , you can hover your mouse over a error to see it's description and an useful list of posible corrections. You donīt need to worry for your writing skills any more, improving you're text has never be more easier!

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