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XIM APEX Discussions / Do you leave it in ?
« on: 03:10 PM - 10/19/20 »
So when I'm done using the xim apex do I turn off the ps4 and take it out or can I just leave it plugged in just unplug the USB hub? I'm in ps4

XIM APEX Discussions / Anything that isnt a fps?
« on: 04:24 AM - 10/17/20 »
Haven't received my xim apex in the mail yet, but I've been scrolling through forums and without going back 100 pages I'm yet to see anything about rpgs, is it safe to assume since there isnt any actual amining in the games, any config will work just have to set keys ?

Support / [Q/A] can't purchase ?
« on: 06:11 AM - 10/16/20 »
When I hit proceed checkout, a new window pops up saying that there was an error, but nothing is wrong information wise, i tried to click on store support and it takes me to a broken page.

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