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Game Support / Sab stimulate analog behaviour
« on: 06:53 AM - 10/16/20 »
I just wanted to ask
I am using a sony nav   
So what should i set my SAB settings to to use aim assist

General Discussion / I just bought a xim apex
« on: 12:10 PM - 10/14/20 »
Im waiting for xim apex to arrive  friday hopefully
I also have a sony nav controller and a  logitech g502 pro mouse
 Ive been reading a few posts  but im still trying to work out what to do to get it working
?1 can i use a android tablet  instesd of an android phone
?2  can sombody tell me how i set up the sony nan as i watched a vid it said i need to use a standard config
This is what confused me does that mean i cant use cod mw2019 config with it sorry as i am a newbie
?3 im trying to get as murch aim assist as possible  for cod mw2019 and bo cold war  ps4 ive watched the vids but they are a few years old  2018    so do the settings still work

From what i understand so far is  the less dpi  the more aim assist  about 3000 to 4000 best
Synchronization  to common or slow  soow is for 30 fps games
Analog stick movement best for more aim assist    keyboard has less aim assist
Ballistic curve improves aim assist when below linear curve
Smoothing value higher more  aim assist 15 is highest to use
Polling rate
Do you have to be strafing to get aim assist
Or can you get it standing still

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