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Feedback / Suggestion for Fortnite.
« on: 12:43 PM - 12/30/21 »
Hi, I don't know if it's already been suggested, if it wasn't, here it goes. :-X
I use a mechanical keyboard and I'm looking to be able to use the "new" movement that everyone is using, called "double movement", which would be like this:

At first I thought this was just a mechanic for sweaters to flex their edits in a prettier way for montages, but seeing as how everyone uses it today, including PC players using third party software, not being able to use it has become a big disadvantage. Apparently this is only possible with the use of an analog stick on consoles, and unfortunately I don't have one. I've tried to get double movement changing some settings in Xim Manager, testing different values ​​in SAB, changing values ​​in "analog axis option", using auxiliary settings, without success.
In my control, the values ​​needed for the double movement to start were these:
LEFT : XB1_LX - 93 | XB1_LY - 75
RIGHT : XB1_LX + 90 | XB1_LY - 88

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the double movement in Xim Apex with any configuration.
So if it is possible to implement a solution aligned with the SAB capable of enabling the use of the so-called double movement for us who use digital keyboards, it would be fantastic.

I use the in-game sensitivity settings recommended in the official supported games thread, ie max camera and aim sensitivities. Turns out the game I use the most Xim in had aim assist significantly nerfed, testing some in-game settings with just the controller, I noticed that the lower the camera and aim sensitivity, the more aim assist I get, and it's not placebo. Is it possible to use a different in-game sensitivity than the recommended one and still get the same mouse translation result ?  For example, the recommendation for this game is aim and camera sensitivity at 100%, I want to reduce it to approximately 40%, where would I have to adjust to get the same result as when it was 100% ?

Mouse Razer Viper: 2500 DPI, 500Hz Polling Rate.
Xim CFG: 250Hz Polling Rate, Sync = Default, No Ballistic Curve, 140 HIP, ADS = HIP Translator.

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM 4 Still worth it ?
« on: 09:17 PM - 11/23/21 »
Hi, recently my Xim Apex stopped working because my dog ​​liked the texture of the rubber and crushed it to pieces. Turns out I live in a @#$% third world country and a new Xim Apex costs a whole month's salary and due to current circumstances I can't spend that money. It turns out that there was an opportunity to buy a Xim 4 at a great price, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.  I have another device here, Titan Two, I tried to use it in place of the Xim Apex but it's too bad, impossible to find an acceptable mouse setting, it's too fast or too slow, besides the micro-movement is rubbish. Is the Xim 4 more competent than the T2 at converting mouse movement?
Is the Xim 4 limited to 125hz or is it possible to reach at least 500hz?
Does the smart translator present in Xim Apex have the same "competence" in Xim 4 ?
 What will be the biggest difference I will notice from Xim Apex to Xim 4 ?
Will the downgrade be very impactful?
Honestly, I just want accurate mouse movement and competent conversion. The Xim Apex wasn't perfect, but it was VERY GOOD, the best by far I've used.

Game Support / Fortnite Reset Key problem
« on: 11:21 AM - 10/19/20 »
Hello. I followed the instructions in this video to set up a reset key for Fortnite, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me, could someone help me find a solution?

My Layout:

Hip primary:
Hip secondary:

In order not to go unnoticed, in the video the instructor uses the same key in the hip to edit in the primary and enter the build mode in the secondary, I already tried to do that and it didn't work.

My Auxiliary cfg:

I've tried to copy the entire video configuration and it still didn't work, when I scroll down it doesn't reset or confirm, I only had some results when I enabled the toggle option, but then I need to scroll down two times slowly, I tried to change the delay and nothing changed, if I set the delay to 0 the behavior is the same as when I leave the toggle option enabled.

What happens is basically this:
I would appreciate it if anyone can help me find a solution, I have already tried to use two different mice and the result is the same, my current mouse is a Razer Viper Mini. I apologize for the mistakes in english, it is not my native language  ;D

XIM Link / Activation Key not working
« on: 12:19 PM - 09/30/20 »
Hello guys.
I recently purchased an Xim Apex, installed Xim Link 1.4.2 on my Windows 10, connected the cables correctly as the guide topic suggests and the connection was established correctly, however, after configuring an activation key, nothing happens, I tried to uninstall and install again but I didn't get any results, I ran as an administrator and nothing, so I downloaded version 1.3 because that version has the connection message and when I press the activation key the message remains as deactive.
Does anyone have a solution?

My connection cable complies with the requirements: "F5U279"
NET Framework and Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable already installed.
My Windows version is Home Single Language.

I followed all the instructions in this video to configure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DON-O60QzmA

Am I missing something?

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