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General Discussion / I'm on Logitech's naughty list.
« on: 06:36 AM - 06/10/19 »
Been through a lot of mice recently. 305 - Logitech pro wireless - Rival 110 - to name a few.
But this i really like the G203, go figure xD.

Since its so cheap, i didn't think it would hurt too much to put her on a diet.
67g to be precise. I wish i could get a CAD for the shell, my friend just bought an massive 3D printer.

General Discussion / Hey guys! Whats been happening!?
« on: 02:44 PM - 12/16/17 »
Just checking in on everyone.

- Hows the new COD?

- Any new developments with XIM? (XIM5?)

- Did you miss me?

I've been on a keyboard hunt again, looking for something small and compact for playing CSGO with plenty of keys for buy binds! I came across this and thought the XIM community would love this!? Especially Couch gamers!

This is exactly what i have been searching for! For so so long!


************Here are the ss's from the macro user guide.*************

***This part is some text at the end of the document i copy and pasted rather than adding another ss, as macro examples.***

Koolertron SMKD Keypad
Delay-Macro Examples
Example:  Go!Go! Go!Go! Go!Go! … 01#   Press   Shift+G    + 40 (ms) 02#   Release       + 40 (ms) 03#   Press   O    + 40 (ms) 04#   Release       + 40 (ms) 05#   Press   Shift+1    + 10 (ms) 06#   Release       + 40 (ms) 07#   Delay       + 1000 (ms)        ; delay 1 second 08#   Goto     0     + 10 (ms)      ; jump to the beginning  09#   End       + 40 (ms)
Example:   2w 01#   Press   2    + 20 (ms)        ; key down,  2 02#   Release       + 10 (ms)       ; key up , 2  03#   Press   W    + 20 (ms)        ; key down, w 04#   Release       + 10 (ms)        ; key up, w 05#   End       + 5 (ms)
Example:  Here is Delay Macro Demo 01#   Press   Shift+H    + 40 (ms) 02#   Press   E    + 40 (ms) 03#   Press   R    + 40 (ms) 04#   Press   E    + 40 (ms) 05#   Press   Space    + 40 (ms) 06#   Press   I    + 40 (ms) 07#   Press   S    + 40 (ms) 08#   Press   Space    + 40 (ms) 09#   Press   Shift+D    + 40 (ms) 10#   Press   E    + 40 (ms) 11#   Press   L    + 40 (ms) 12#   Press   A    + 40 (ms) 13#   Press   Y    + 40 (ms) 14#   Press   Space    + 40 (ms) 15#   Press   Shift+M    + 40 (ms) 16#   Press   A    + 40 (ms) 17#   Press   C    + 40 (ms) 18#   Press   R    + 40 (ms) 19#   Press   O    + 40 (ms) 20#   Press   Space    + 40 (ms) 21#   Press   Shift+D    + 40 (ms) 22#   Press   E    + 40 (ms) 23#   Press   M    + 40 (ms)
Koolertron SMKD Keypad
24#   Press   O    + 40 (ms) 25#   Press   Space    + 40 (ms) 26#   Release       + 40 (ms) 27#   Nop       + 40 (ms) 28#   Press   Space    + 40 (ms) 29#   Press   Shift+M    + 40 (ms) 30#   Press   4    + 40 (ms) 31#   Release       + 40 (ms) 32#   End       + 40 (ms)

Playstation / Looking for 4TH UMG player.
« on: 11:41 AM - 01/11/17 »
Not looking to play wager matches. But looking for a 4th, who is laid back and not immature but can take some banter & can do basic strats. Would prefer UK player who can play most nights between 21:00 and 1am.

Weekends may be slightly earlier to a similar time.

Drop me a DM if your interested.


General Discussion / PS4 USB SOUND CARD ISSUES.
« on: 06:48 PM - 11/21/16 »
My Creative Sound blaster Omega 3D external USB sound card has died on me today.
It won't power up on new or old cables on the PS4 or PC.

Going to play around with it tomorrow to make sure it's definitely dead.

But if not, what would you recommend in the £50 price range to compliment my Sennheiser GAME ONE headset?
Also I had a few spare cheap £1 USB sound cards that no longer seem to be recognised by the PS4 but work fine on the PC..

The only thing I do have working is my old PlayStation Wireless Headset. But the sound is quite poor compared to my Omega/Sennheiser setup. I'm a little dubious about buying another USB sound card since the PS4 is having trouble recognising them, but it's really my only option. I would just buy another Omega 3D since it was awesome when it was working, but on the driver side of things I had nothing but issues.

Also as a side, what would I need to have both my mic and headset working on PC and PS4?

From someone who has gamed with a Razer Deathadder exclusively for around 8/9 years.
Some time over the past 24 month I've been trying different mice. On and off, sometimes reverting back to the Deathadder.

And other times hopping from one different mouse to the next. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the Razer Deathadder mice. I love them, they have served me well ever since the first 1800dpi version.

But it was time for a change.

From the G500 - Zowie EC1 - Logitech G502 - Mionix Naos - Mionix Castor - Zowie EC2-A.
These are just some of the mice I have tried that almost all of you have heard about.

In terms of grip, only the Castor and EC2-A ever felt comfortable to me. Which blew me away, since the Naos looks so god @#$% comfortable. But I couldn't get to grips with it sadly.

So in a hunt for a lightweight PMW3366 sensor mouse my only options are the Nexus Revel - Logitech G Pro - FinalMouse ScreamOne and the Logitech G403.

I bought the G403 over the weekend and it arrived today. I've only spent around 30mins playing with the mouse, but I can't stop thinking about it. Which may just be the saddest thing you have ever heard in your life. But for me, the moment I picked this mouse up, it was an instant win, before I even plugged the little rodent into my PC. Once I did plug it in, and started playing a round of BOTs headshots on CSGO I literally forgot about the mouse, there is nothing about the shape that keeps it in my mind.

ie, worrying about the grip, or the size, the weight, or any of the buttons. Nothing about this mouse annoyed me. So it's very easy to forget you're even holding a mouse as crazy as that sounds.

So with all that being said, nothing is ever 100% perfect. I do have one minor niggle. The mouse feet at the top and bottom of the mouse have a curved layout like a "C".. it's hard to explain, but the central portion of the "C" from one end to the other, doesn't make contact with the mouse pad. So I'll be looking for some "Hotline Gaming" mouse skates ASAP in hopes that they will resolve this minor issue.

But the fact that this is my only issue with the mouse for me speaks volumes. It's been a long journey, one that for some people there is no end to. But for me, I have to say (pending any kind of wear and tear). I have just purchased my perfect mouse.

If you have ever held and liked the Razer Deathadder or Zowie EC2-A I can't recommend this mouse highly enough.

It's a solid 9.5/10 and I've never had a mouse that's been past a 8/8.5 out of 10..

I know some of you will already have this mouse, but for those who don't that have maybe been considering buying it, feel free to ask any questions. I could talk about this mouse for hours.

Mission accomplished boys, we made it. GG Logitech GG..

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 Ballistics storage.
« on: 01:00 PM - 11/13/16 »
Hi OBsIV, no doubt at some point this has been requested.

But I'm going to ask you to consider this anyway.

It would be cool to be able to use some of the onboard memory for storing Ballistics curves.
For me personally I only ever have one or two configurations stored on the XIM at any one time.

I would much rather use that storage space to have a bin of Ballistics curves.

The idea would be that you can have multiple curves on the XIM the more curves you have the less space you have for confgs.
But then as you're tweaking the config itself where you have the copy and paste features you could have a third button that brings up your curve library. So you dont have to keep jumping in and out of configs to load one. It would be a much more "on the fly" kind of feature.

It may not be an absolute must have feature but I think it would be a nice one to have.

Especially when a new game comes out, I find my self testing all sorts of default settings, and failing that I fall back on curves but they're usually hit or miss. This way you could grab a whole bunch of curves and drop them onto your XIM and click between then.

General Discussion / Halo on PC (Halo Forge)
« on: 10:55 AM - 09/10/16 »
Halo Forge is now on PC with a few prerequisites, one of them is not money (it's free).

Quote from: pcgamer.com
Because it’s a Universal Windows app, you’ll need to be on Windows 10, update to Windows 10 Anniversary, and have a DirectX12-capable graphics card.

You can find it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/halo-5-forge-bundle/9nblggh4v0fr

If anyone is up for a game, i think we can join games together through XBL so feel free to add me.
My XBL GT: NBG P U B L I X < with the spaces (I apologise in advance, its an old tag).

Also i've made a Discord chat, if you dont have Discord you can get it here: https://discordapp.com

And the Channel link is here: https://discord.gg/QnDSv (this link is only live for 24hrs after the time of this post.)

Just click the link after you have the app installed and it should take you straight to the channel in app.
Once in the channel you can type OR use voice chat, by clicking in the left pane located under "Voice Channels".

I've never really been a big Halo MP fan, but i'm really happy to see this happening. Hopefully future iterations of the game will make a full launch on PC in the future.

Hey guys, I could post this on a website more PC tech orientated. But I've been around here awhile and trust you guys.

I'm looking to buy a GTX1080 to go along with the HTC Vive revision that will be out in the next 6 months, but also to step up into 2k 100+Hz.

I'm doing this in steps because I'm not a millionaire and I have two kids, and so that they don't miss out on anything "financially" I'm staggering the purchases of the GPU, Monitor, & Vive with about 2/3 months between each. (Looking to have the Monitor around October time).

Anyway, I'm a little apprehensive about buying a £600+ GPU for a couple  of reasons. My PC has been having some issues of late.

Currently running Win10 64bit on a new Samsung evo SSD. (i7 2700k/HD7970)


- After the win logo fades on boot, just as the screen goes black before the login screen appears, the PC just seems to lose power and turn off without any warning. And upon a restart, there are no errors message. (This happens if anything has been connected / disconnected while the PC has been off. But can also happen seemingly for no reason whatsoever.

- Also last night, playing some CSGO the PC just froze up with my screen displaying vertical grey bars.. (I was assuming a Power problem or Over heating) but my PSU is Gold rated 650w Corsair which I'm told is plenty. My CPU/GPU monitoring software said they were both under 70° and I wouldn't be worried normally unless they were getting into the high 80's...

From a quick Google search I found possible problems could be related to either.

- Mobo

I will probably have follow up questions depending on replies.  Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Also looking at a lot of these GPU vendors, and their different cards with different boost clocks and such, it's a little confusing. I keep seeing the MSi 1080 getting a lot of love, there is even one on Massdrop, but also an Asus eXtreme (sure it was Asus I may be wrong) version that's boosts up into the 1900mhz range.. but there is probably about £100+ difference in prices here..

^ anyone want to chime in with pros and cons of any of these cards / recommendations and reasons?

General Discussion / 1700Hz monitor..
« on: 08:08 AM - 04/28/16 »


INB4 you can't even see pasty 30fps......
You cant notice any visual difference in Hz above 144Hz

General Discussion / Upgraded a few peripherals.
« on: 05:50 PM - 04/07/16 »
Mionix Castor / Sennheiser GAME ONE Headset / and a 60% POKER 3 keyboard.
I see the Poker 2 is on the compatibility list, I will hook up the POKER 3 to the XIM4 at some point and see if its working.

This mouse is so nice, as a 9 year Razer death adder user, the death adder is already forgotten about.
I highly recommend the Castor. I'm still waiting on that perfect 3360 3366 w/e sensor mouse.

But for now, the MIONIX Castor is amazing, I surprise my self with ridiculous shots almost every time i play with it.

Sound quality of the GAME ONE is better than the old PC 360's i still have, unless that's because they are still yet to burn in and its the difference in sound that I'm perceiving as better? The build quality on both headsets feels premium, but the newer game one's feel that much better.

POKER 3!!!
As for the keyboard, i went for cherry browns over my old reds, and whilst there isn't a massive difference in feel, there is a slight actuation point there (a bump), and i feel like its better for FPS games especially CSGO where i can stop shoot / stutter step and strafe shoot better and with more accuracy than ever before. With the Cherry MX reds my movement felt a little more loose!?

The keyboard is tiny even compared to my Tenkeyless CM storm, and feels much more solid and 2/3 times as heavy, i love having that extra space for my mouse to flick shot and such. A small keyboard like this would be perfect for a couch set up IMHO too.

I hope some of this was useful to someone.

General Discussion / OMG so this just happened!
« on: 08:59 AM - 02/11/16 »

Dunno if i'm allowed to link the website where i got this from! But it was basically £30 with p+p..
Its the real deal! I love it, i plan on getting more for a wall display.

Sad life is sad, when you can afford to buy a real life steel Karambit fade, but not the pixel version XD!

So I already have a ten keyless mechanical keyboard.
It's brilliant the amount of space it gives you for your mouse, especially playing low sensitivity.

But the more CSGO I've been playing the more I miss having the NUMPAD there for buy binds and such. So I bought a cheepo one from Amazon which will be here next month *@#$% you Chinese sellers on western markets*..

So then I bought another one, which should be here within a week xD. Annnyway.

But looking at this, I'm thinking to my self, why aren't there "gaming" keyboards out there with the NUMPAD on the left?

I mean it makes so much sense right? So I Googled lefthand mechanical keyboard and bish bash bosh! Bobs your uncle fanies your aunt, lowe and behold!


Or we have a split type gaming keyboard from MadCatz, where the main board is 60% the size of a full size keyboard.

And the whole NUMPAD section is detachable..


Now, AP suggested I just buy the ERGODOX, But until recently AFAIK the left and right side had to be tethered together!!!

Well, let me introduce you to the ERGODOX Infinity!


Each pad can run independently from each other. You can use the left pad alone, the right alone or both together!

I'm really leaning towards the ERGODOX right now, with the NUMPAD situated to the left of it for buy binds. And have my main keyboard as my daily driver on the PC, leaving the ERGODOX to be on my switcher HUB for XIM/PC..

Only problem is that last drop has ended.. So if you're interested, request a new drop. Or even if your not interested, request a new drop anyway, so I can buy it xD.

Anyway I thought I'd drop all of this in here, in case anyone else is on the same path as me.. I imagine that people just use standard layouts and such because they've not spent too much time considering anything different. Seriously gaming keyboard developers need to start putting the NUMPAD on the left.. ( I mean they should all be like that, there is zero reason for it to be like that on a gaming keyboard)

General Discussion / Battalion 1944. (WW2 FPS)
« on: 04:16 AM - 02/05/16 »
Just going to leave this here guys;


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