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XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Apex & Internet issues
« on: 02:23 AM - 05/01/21 »
Hi guys,👍🏼
The problem is, I have internet connection issues when using the xim. I keep cutting in and out of party's and I also keep losing wifi signal on my router (broadband). Even if itís wired, it seems to restart my broadband.
But when I dont have the xim plugged all my internert speed is as it should.🙄

And yes, I do have the new firmware that came out. 👍🏼

Hey guys, I'm after help  :D

Just sold my xbox one and bought ps4 slim. Connected everything with xim apex, and I found out that keyboard and mouse works fine but I've got no audio from controller. I'm using V2 ps4 controller and playing only warzone.

Probably here's the same newbies who had this problem before...

help! Cheers

Shared Configs / Warzone settings for 16,000 dpi xbox
« on: 09:55 AM - 09/03/20 »
Hi guys, sold my cronusmax+ and bought xim apex yesterday. Iím complete newbie in all this xim system.  ;D

Can sameone share the best settings for warzone for 16,000dpi mouse on xbox, please.

Cheers  8)

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