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XIM APEX Discussions / No recoil ???😭😭
« on: 02:25 AM - 01/26/21 »
Everyday some dung beetle gets on this forum and asks about no recoil , no recoil, oh how do I get no recoil. For the love of Christ people YOUR HAND IS NO RECOIL! How hard is it to control your hand, most guys can sit there and smack there jimmy while controlling each stroke, but canít snap to a target and click click to save there life.Worry about your position, your setup( is your monitor positioned correctly) , are your crosshairs centered at all times, are you utilizing good posture by keeping your head and back aligned, are you ODing off Gfuel every hour 😂😂. Remember drink water if you do take gfuel I donít condone the use of energy supplements whilst gaming lol. Go on YT and watch shroud or ly1ric, these dudes are cracked everyday out of there minds, do you see them using no recoil mods or any type of scripts. It crazy how a ďproĒ can do it and stay consistent, but a simple minded person always wants key to the game ASAP! Keep in mind ďprosĒ are just human beings just like the rest of us, they put in time and effort, to play the way they do and they achieve there goal because there just so consistent. Hereís to say you should do the same thing ďput in time and effortĒ. Even if that means playing bots for a few hours just to get yourself warm, practice with bots as if you were in a real pub or comp game, and WATCH your RESULTS, everyday you should be practicing something new, whether your flicks,  turns, snap, how subtle can my micro movement be, how many kills can I go on without dying, how many gunfights did I lose and what can I do if I get into a situation like that again, what area or part of the map did I die the most, did I flank the wrong area and end up trapped spawn flip.

Game Support / How to create a FPS Config
« on: 11:20 AM - 01/25/21 »
WOW, guys what Iím about to tell you will most likely blow your mind, or you may probably already know this. So I think of xim apex as a fine tune tool, that helps you get your wrist or arm in contact with the game your playing. I been on the forums reading for nights until last night it snapped. FINE TUNE that sh** bruv. So Iíve read RML and MJFAME post and utilizing my knowledge of 12k dpi and how well I used to personally shred with and how good it cuts through the AA. I started on Naga  trinity when I first started ximming using 16k on a keyboard holder of a desk  but the naga had the worst smoothing values I could use and I wasnít using a mouse pad. Wasnít the best so later down the road I got a g pro wireless. And this is where the config starts

So I used used an MJFame curve for this config and utilized the lowest of senses feels like Iím 800 again swipe or be swiped.
For the curve I pressed the arrow 2 times to the right then the slider on the right side all the way to 100

Here are photos posted below


Donít be scared to unlock your potential as a ximmer. I.E. everyone bashes low sens but itís very accurate and precise. I use 3200 as well as 12K. I fine tune my sensitivities In the .00 , and find it easier to calculate my turn speed. Iíve only ran this on bo4 as it helps me stay accurate and maneuver w the AA

Game Support / XIM APEX Comfortable Hip and ADS profile
« on: 12:14 PM - 09/01/20 »
Whats up guys. im pretty new to the kbm and XIM community, I've been boarding for about 4 months,and ive tinkered with various configs curves, etc,but i think i have a config that can help new users get more comfortable with there xim. Ive read through a bunch of admin and others posts on configs and tried them but, everyone has there preferences. I can say that RML has not let me down yet, and i plan on him to, probably the best curves and configs for any game.

I was messing around with my ADS config one day trying get a better feel because when your ADS and shooting its a different sens. The ADS was either to tight or too much movement while i had i medium(pushing more to high) sens on my HIP. So i thought darn it Swxft what can i do because i had been getting pretty tired of it and BAM. It hit me to swap my button for the ADS to the fire button. So what this does is changes to your ADS sens when while your shooting your weapon, versus in sights of it, that means the opposite for your original ADS it becomes the HIP now. So this will help you control  your ADS a lot better while you fire your weapon, that is what most of xim users seem to like, and are looking for.

If someone could help me post the pics that would be cool, its easier to look at then read lol

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