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XIM MATRIX Discussions / Finally got to plug in Matrix
« on: 07:45 AM - 05/19/23 »
Last night after work I was finally able to use my Matrix.  At first I couldnít get my azeron working but after searching this forum I found the correct steps.

This morning I raised my dpi up, as suggested, to max 30000, and I can feel how responsive and smooth this thing is.  My Matrix/Azeron combo is staying at 1000hz, Iím not to sure about what is claiming the polling drop for some but I can report that my setup is maintaining 1000 out of the box.

I understand why people are baffled by the matrix interface because itís just different than what they are used to, but this isnít bad at all.  Itís actually easy for the little basic combos Iíve been able to set up in about 1-2 hours.

I play Destiny 2 and so far Iíve set up - eager edge sword movement, one button sparrow activation and sparrow turn speed.  I had auto sprint as well but I gets in my way when Iím shooting.  I need to find a way to deactivate while in ads.

Overall this thing is crispy! There are some many possibilities and I canít wait to ti let more after work tonight.

Thanks XIM team.

When the store is online today will there be limited payment methods available?

Last batch I bought one with shop pay, had one of my credit cards linked, but it ended up getting returned.  XIM emailed me and said my purchase flagged fraudulent activity.  I emailed back and forth with XIM team but Iím not too sure why my purchase was flagged.  My point is if all payments are an option then Iíll just use my card without shop pay.  If that isnít an option then Iíll attempt to order again through shop pay and hope that I donít get flagged.

Fwiw, I already received my money back to my card on the first purchaseÖ

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Any openings this weekend?
« on: 09:38 AM - 05/13/23 »
I ordered one and it went through but I was later emailed saying it was cancelled due to potentially fraudulent activity.  Ill chalk that as water under the bridge however I was curious if we are selling this weekend so I can try again?

With all the hype about the new product I dusted off the ol apex and plugged it into the pc today.  The problem I had was during gameplay destiny was displaying Xbox icons.  On my XIM manager it showed the ps controller for authorization and in steam I have ps controller compatibility checked but I still see Xbox icons.

I do believe there is a setting in steam that would fix this but I donít know how.  Does anyone know a fix for this? Thanks.

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Next potential rollout
« on: 07:24 PM - 05/06/23 »
I apologize for adding another post.  I was following all the info posted today but then we got flooded with a bunch of repetitive negative posts so I went to play some games.  I see some folks were able to order and it seems like the site is working fine but shows out of stock.  Are we out of stock for the day or are we still working on issues with the possibility of more to be available tonight? And if no oneís knows the itís all good I just thought Iíd ask. 

Will there be a drop same time tomorrow?

XIM APEX Discussions / Mw2 dynamic curve?
« on: 10:42 PM - 12/13/22 »
I always stick to plan and use what is provided for my in game setting, but im interested if anyone has went outside of the recommendations and tried black ops type AA with a dynamic curve on their apex while playing mw2?

I know the ST wasn’t trained this way but i was curious  if anyone has tried It.

Im currently using matutaiki (sp) with black ops and standard and it feels really nice.

XIM APEX Discussions / Warzone config with least AA
« on: 02:10 PM - 10/25/21 »
Hello All,  for the longest time I was searching for the most AA while playing warzone.  Everything I did was geared toward getting more aa.  It wasnít until I played a few weeks of native mnk on warzone that realized, that much aa actually kinda sucks.  Can anyone recommend a config that doesnít have strong aa?  Would it still be mj and Alan configs?  Thanks in advance.

Do we have any info on the release timing for Nexus?


XIM APEX Discussions / ST for Ratchet and Clank
« on: 09:45 AM - 07/21/21 »
I wanted to take a break from sweaty shooters for a minute so I got Ratchet and clank.  I like the ps5 controller and itís features but I already miss my mnk.  Is there a suggested ST that can be used?

Game Support / Warzone firing issue
« on: 11:15 AM - 12/12/20 »

  Iím have a recent issue when playing warzone that I havenít had before.  When I ads and fire it sometimes stutters and only fires one or two bullets and then stops.  Iíve checked to see if I had incorrect button binding and I didnít see any.  Does anyone know of a trouble shoot I could try?

Also, Iím not even sure this is a XIM issue I just posted it here to see if there was any help for it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Auto Ping Warzone
« on: 07:18 PM - 12/01/20 »
Hello,  My first post didn't go through.

Is there a known Sub for Auto ping on Warzone?  I tried to make one but it holds the up button instead of tapping it one time.


Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Headphone crackling
« on: 11:50 AM - 10/25/20 »
I recently reinstalled Warzone.  I LOVE settings honestly, probably more than I should.

I wanted to mess around with ballistic curves this time around so I was using the Mjfame curve.  This curve is really nice I really want to use it for a while but I think it might be the cause for my headphones to crackle.  This curve requires me to poll at1000hrtz and I think I remember reading that 1000 polling can make my headphones crackle.  Is this true or has anyone experienced crackling?

Sony platinum and PS4 pro.

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