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General Discussion / New generation of Beloader
« on: 03:54 AM - 05/20/22 »
New generation of Beloader, Beloader Pro pre-order will be opened soon.

Check it.


Guys still improving it, gj

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Nexus in europe
« on: 10:41 AM - 02/21/22 »
Any info about getting nexus somewher in europe partners? Because with shipito it cost about 250 to get one to ukraine.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Worldwide delivery
« on: 03:18 PM - 01/10/22 »
Would you have worldwide delivery for nexus. Something like chinise guys had with there beloader?  Because in my counrty we do not have any distribution.

Beta / FYI Beloader users
« on: 04:12 AM - 01/04/22 »
Devs send me yeaterday new fw on lan setup.
For this fw you need to buy hub with ethernet port.
My feedback, all stable no disconnects wifi devices work great. No daley at all.But purple light is back, but it do notcoz disconnects because it lan.
Im not sure will this fw go public. If someone interested in it, ask them on there forum.
I can't share it. Sorry.

BeloaderECM20220103.2103 fw name

Beta / Urgent News For Beloader Users
« on: 05:17 AM - 12/14/21 »
So i've been testing Beloader with around 20 FM and many FM on Xim Apex
And i finded out why we all having this purple blinking on xim apex

It's because we all use some off gadgets with WIFI or with Bluetooth adapters in it.

Thats why we all getting disconnects

The solution is USE ONLY WIRED GAGETS (without wifi or bluetooth potencial)
Any mouse and any keyboard
Polling rate 125-1000hz work fine
No additional power supply needed for xim apex

Was tested on factory FM on Beloader
Candidate FM Xim Apex

It will still be blinking purple but will be stable and do not disconnect you from Remote Play
Work with Dualshock and Dualsence

Hope it will solve your problems.

Next step that Beloader team need to fix, i think it should be unwired gadgets. because it's hard nowedays to play wired :D

Beta / Question to Od1n and to all Xim team
« on: 09:11 AM - 12/13/21 »

Today i recived my Beloader...and like all of us i'm getting this purpule light from Apex

I tried you Beloader firmwire  SVDongle 0000202110311708
And a new one which are in sale version

And have the same problems.
Beloader + DC (DSv2) all fine
Beloader + Apex + DC or DSv2 all fine
Beloader + Apex + DC or DS + Keyboard (Wifi, Cable) or Mouse (wifi, Cable) = All fine
Beloader + Apex + DC pr DS + Keyboard (Wifi, Cable) + Mouse (Wifi, Cable)= Crush

Besides i tested on all polling rates 125,250,500,1000

I even tested with power supply to apex 5v 3a and all the time i'm getting purpule light and disconnect.

Please share your config(setup)(xim apex version) (devices)(xim apex manager), wich you use in video, because for now i can only say that this thing do not work at all.
Your video pushhed me to buy it, and now i can't play with it.

I know that you just test it and give your feedback about it, but i can say that a lot off peaople bellive your word like an expert and a XIM Apex teammember.

Thanks, and please do not think that i blame some one. It's just a case that can be solved by all of us.


XIM APEX Discussions / xip apex hub = 2 2.4hz devices
« on: 06:33 AM - 10/29/21 »
I bought 2 razer devices
Deathadder v2  pro mouse
Blackwidow v3 mini

Bouth 2.4hz/Bluetooth

I know that xim do not work with bt and i connect ulually via 2.4hz
But when i stark game my keybord is lugging with some input delley and i remove dongle and put it back and this move fix lagging

The question is, how i can solve this lug without put in dongle twice?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Worldwide distribution Ukraine
« on: 09:03 AM - 09/20/21 »

All written in subject.
Bought new mouse but can't set it up.
All default mouse settings. apex see that it's mouse and razer but do not see any click while button in listening mode.
Any solution?
Was trying all ports.

Sorry for wrong section.

search forum button do not give my any results with this issue

Hi everyone!
Passed my xim4 to my friend and he try to set it up on PS4 slim and play Apex Legends.
but he told me that when he start game his game freezing and lagging.
Can some one tell me how to solve this issue, mb i put wrong firewire on it.
What is the best firmware for xim4 to play on ps4 slim.

thank you!

Beta / Xim4+ Hori mini gamepad+PS5 games
« on: 07:28 AM - 07/19/21 »
Will xim4 detect config(coldwar ps4 version) of the game that it has in his library and give me change to play it on ps5?
Or it can't be done?
I ask because almost all settings in Call of duty i never change and play on the same preset.
And I want to know will it work in future in next COD game if i do not touch it.
Or in standalone Warzone for ps5 in future.
Or it won't detect and i never can do it?

Sorry i post it in wrong section.

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4 support
« on: 07:18 AM - 08/03/20 »
New info about DS support on PS5
According to this article we can use DS as a main, The question is, will it work on PS5?

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