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 Hooked up the Xim4 on the X1S, using a hard pad with 502 mouse. While testing the controls in the training area things were working fine, using just the default ST while I changed some button mapping. About 10 to 15 minutes in though the WASD stopped working. I am using a DeLUX T9 47 Key USB Wired Mini Single Hand Gaming Keyboard. It was strange as everything else worked but I could not move forward or back any longer.

 The mapping for WASD on the device was still good. Has anyone run in to this issue with their set up?

Hi all,

 My son wanted to give my XIM4 a try on his X1S. He loaded the R6Siege profile and tried the default, and it was not what I expected (BF and COD spoil me for sure). It just would not work right, barely any turning, very slow movement when moving the mouse.

 Seeing as most people here tend to be using the PS4, I am hoping for some setting suggestions for an XB1S users, that uses a soft mouse pad and Logitech G502 mouse. I did try putting one in that I found from a few months ago, but alas, not much better.


EDIT: I cannot delete this topic, but I found a similar question and answers already, if someone can remove this please do.

Long time XIM user here, had most versions of it and currently run the XIM4.

 For someone that has moved from the 4 to the Apex, is there a noticeable difference to you?

  Do you find the default game profiles a better match or is there just as much "tinkering" with a profile to get the best feel? (I understand this is a relative question as each person has their own game play preference and hardware set up)


Game Support / GTAV - Preferred profile?
« on: 03:01 PM - 12/02/16 »
So this is an old game comparatively as far as game discussions go. I am thinking of giving it a roll on the Xbox, and a search reveled ST talk from way back.

 Is there a good set up that you may have found that works fairly well at this point?

Game Support / BF1 is live (for trial anyway)
« on: 12:49 PM - 10/13/16 »
If you have EA access you can play BF1 now. I have not been able to fire it up yet; has anyone tried out a good ST to use with the latest build?

 Since the trial is the live build (stats you get here stay) is the 10 hour trial window enough to get a ST created?

 I HAVE watched the videos on the site and looked around at threads. The question I have is in regards to turn speed being too fast. For the BF1 beta, I am using the BF4 ST and adjusted the config a bit to suit. While I know it is not a smart translator for the game at this point, I am trying to get a handle on what it means to the game play when it hit the max turn speed, i.e. the lights start flashing Red when I turn fast.

 Does hitting that limit actually slow me down overall? what is the best recommendation for getting under the limit, should I adjust the DPI on my mouse lower, or lower the sensitivity on the ST app?

 I am hitting it both in hip and ADS.

In the middle of a game, all m/k controls just stopped, I could not use them at all. However I could use the controller.

 It was very strange. I unplugged the cable that connects the XiM to the X1, waited a few second and plugged it back in. Reconnected the app and it worked again.

 It is strange and it was the first time I had done a long gaming session with it.

 Is this a common occurrence? Could it be something with the app running from my GS5?

Game Support / X1 - BF4 vehicle config question
« on: 08:25 PM - 08/12/16 »
Hey all, I finally have a good set up with my XIM for BF4 infantry, loving it. My question is regarding vehicle configuration. How do I create a new vehicle config and can someone recommend good settings to use. I am running a Logitech G502 mouse.

 Thank you in advance.

XIM 4 Discussions / Second Logitech 502 mouse...configure?
« on: 11:04 AM - 08/12/16 »
 I have a 502 mouse on my gaming PC, and just picked up a second 502 for use with the XIM, has anyone tried plugging in a 502 to a PC that already has a mouse in order to configure it.

 I doubt my software will recognize both but figured while at work I can see if someone has tried it already.

I am planning on using a Razor Nostromo (that I already had laying around), wondering if anyone else is using one and if there are any quirks I should be aware of?

 Any major cons?

As per the note the box I did a factory reset using firmware manager on my pc. When I clicked update firmware afterwards I got the message that the firmware was up to date.

 After plugging in the controller then M/K I connected the XiM to the xbox and (following the provided instructions) attempted to pair the xim with my Samsung S5. It did not see the device. I thought it may have when it showed a mac address pop up during the scan, however when I clicked that, it could not communicate with whatever that Mac address was associated with.

 My S5 ended the scan saying no bluetooth device discovered.


Thank you in advance.

General Discussion / X1 - BF4 XIM videos...
« on: 09:32 AM - 07/19/16 »
 I have been looking on Youtube for X1 BF4 videos with people using the XiM, however there is a very few choices it seems (plenty of PS4).

 My XiM4 should be here next week (ground shipping) and BF4 and Destiny are two I am sure will get plenty of plays.

 Anyone have any links they like that I have missed doing a youtube search?

General Discussion / Titan One M/K adapter??
« on: 04:29 PM - 07/03/14 »
Saw a page for a device called Titan One today, never heard of before but it claims to allow M/K use on the X1 (along with the PS4, PS3 and 360)

 Has anyone here tried it? I am very skeptical that it would be any good after seeing it.

New XBLA game, section 8, has some very good MP features with dedicated servers.

 Anyone try this yet? Any smart configs?

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