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I was trying to connect both consoles to my Xim4 (not at the same time of course) and I tried going the usb hub and a usb splitter. Let me explain my setup and perhaps someone can guide me to fixing this issue or getting better hardware that will work for the scenario I'm trying to achieve.So the usb hub 2 inputs are plugged into the ps4 and xbox one https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/ https://192168ll.link/

Then I plugged the cable from my xim4 C port into the the output of the usb hub

Then with the Y usb splitter, I plugged each of those to the ps4 and xbox console controllers.

So when I tested it, it doesn't work quite right.  What I mean by that, the xim4 doesn't connect to either of the controllers.  But when I unplugged one of the controllers, it detected it just fine. So it seems that I can't have both controllers connected to that 3 dot port of the xim4. I was thinking perhaps if I found a usb splitter that had a toggle switch between the two controllers, would that work?

Is this setup to complex and can anyone recommend perhaps a better way of sharing the xim4 with both consoles.  I don't want to unplug each controller and reconnect it everytime.


I play apex legends and Im a little lower than average, I dominate at most other FPS, I just feel like there is something not quite right when I play Apex legends. Seems to have a slight delay. Heres what I have

Bloody mechanical gaming keyboard
Logitech 903 gaming mouse set to 3500 dpi (it can go to 16,000 but I have seen a few posts saying that it is best to have the dpi between 3k to 4K)Mobdro Kodi bluehost
I have the mouse set to 1000Hrz and it is also set the same in global setting in the apex xim card.

My game sensitivity is set to 7 for hip fire and ADS. And response curve is Steady.
My xim card settings for hip fire is 9.50 which allows me to do a 360 when I take my mouse from one side of my pad to the other. Very comfortable with that. And my ADS is set to 6.75, also very comfortable..

My question is, would it be beneficial to turn up my DPI on my mouse to 12,000 or 16,000 and then adjust my apex xim sensitivity to a lower number? I watched a Dirty ces video saying that would help but I would like to get more opinions.

What is your DPI at?
What is your in game sensitivity for both hip fire and ADS?
What are your apex xim sensitivity settings at?

I use a 14 long mouse pad also...

Any and all help is appreciated

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