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« on: 07:44 AM - 07/02/20 »
Hi - I bought a XIM APEX on 28 March 20 and used it successfully with a keyboard and mouse on XBox One for a few weeks with no issues.  For the last few weeks, my mouse has been disconnecting more and more regularly rendering gameplay impossible. I have been through all diagnostics recommended in the forums including buying a power adaptor for the XIM APEX, trying different USB cables, different controllers, different batteries in the controller and the various functional checks recommended.  Nothing has worked and my mouse continues to disconnect repeatedly.  I have tried to verify that my mouse and keyboard works without the XIM Hub and although the mouse when connected directly to the the XIM without Hub shows in the App it does not function.  When the keyboard is connected directly to the XIM, the icon in the App remains the mouse and does not function.  This is all clearly very frustrating for such an expensive and well-reviewed product.  Please can you advise on what, if any, further steps can be taken to resolve what appears to be a common problem with the XIM APEX. I am happy to return for replacement or refund as at present, this device which is only 3 months old is unusable.  Thank you.

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