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Support / [Q/A] XIM4 Backup config
« on: 02:15 PM - 06/27/20 »
Is there any way to view the contents of a xim4 backup config? (The file is called XIM4Backup.ximcb)

I can open a file that's been backed up via notepad but the contents show hieroglyphics   ???

I want to know what settings I had before!

Support / [RESOLVED] XIM4 Problem
« on: 06:06 PM - 06/26/20 »
My XIM 4 suddenly started blinking red blue and green. I looked on the forums and I found out that this indicated corruption. I then factory reset my XIM4 to the latest 2020 firmware.

Next, I plug in everything correctly to my PS4. The XIM4 breathes red and my PS4 is not responding to any inputs from my mouse or keyboard. I have created a config in the ios app on my phone. When I press a button on my keyboard or my mouse it pops up on the XIM4 Manager on the ios app on my phone. (I press W on my keyboard, W pops up on the xim4 manager). Although the inputs from my keyboard and mouse are being recognized by the XIM4 app on my phone, my PS4 doesn't seem to react to any inputs and my XIM4 continues to breathe red.


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