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Sorry I didn't report this before.

With the previous RC and 10006, if you use an alternate keyboard (I use Swyft) in Android, you can't fully type in the different fields in the Android client. For a specific example, if I go to add a new profile to an existing ST (like for fastlook in Destiny) and I try to give it a name in the name field, it only ever lets me type one letter. I have to switch to the default Google keyboard to be able to type the full name in.

Just a heads up :)

So it's well known by now (or should be) that when the actual XIM4 ships, PS4 and XBOne game support will stop for the Xim4e. I don't have a problem with that and am planning on getting a regular 4 anyway, however I'll still have:

A fully functional XIM Edge
A Laird BT adapter (not needed for the retail 4)

From what I have read I can still use the Edge for 360/PS3 games but my question is:

Will we have to roll all the way back to "old school" Edge firmware, i.e. firmware that doesn't support BT configuration, or will we be able to use supported firmware that can connect over BT via smartphone/etc? I really don't want to have to go back to the "old" way of doing things with the Edge, i.e. connecting it to a PC, syncing it with the old manager program, relying on light codes to tell me what game is active, etc.

If we can indeed use the "new" config system then I assume Laird BT support will continue? I.e. I won't have to go back to my old Asus BT-211 for wireless Sony Nav support?

I get that there is a business and technical reason to not continue to support next-gen games on the Edge but I'd really like to keep using it for older consoles, with the new "4" features. I suppose I could keep using the last "beta" of the Xim4e firmware but will there be any kind of ongoing support/updates for that, at least for last-gen consoles?

XIM 4 Discussions / Input lag: Don't forget!
« on: 04:19 PM - 03/29/14 »
So I thought I'd share a story that is more about my own mistake than anything else, though it might help some of you depending on your display:

Most of us are aware of the input lag our TV's, monitors, and Projectors have (separate from network lag which is a whole other deal). For twitch games like COD bad input lag can really be a problem no matter what device you play with. However, for the past few years, as manufactures have wised up and gaming studios have learned to compensate it hasn't been much of an issue - modern LCD TVs and Plasma's generally have lag in the sub 20ms range, which for most console games (and most gamers) isn't noticeable.

However, crappier TV's, as well as even good projectors, do still have the problem, and for that matter even "good" TV's often have special modes for gaming - particularly TV's that offer post-processing like Frame Interpolation (it's known as the "Soap Opera Effect" where even movies look like they were filmed by a video camera. Some viewers actually like it - it makes things look "real" but it adds a LOT of input lag with games).

I myself use a PJ, the Epson 5030UB, which is an awesome quality PJ and means I can game on a 120 inch (10 foot) screen, which is something else let me tell you.

However I completely forgot that the PJ has a "fine/fast" setting which is what other manufacturers sometimes call "gaming" mode. "Fast" processing means a little less image quality (which in a game you wouldn't notice, only a movie, and even then only if you have a giant screen and are picky) but 25-30ms response time, which isn't top notch but unoticiable by all but the pickiest tournament-level  twitch gamers.

"Fine" mode boosts input lag to over 100ms, which most anyone would notice.

Guess which mode I've had my PJ in by accident the past two weeks :)

I've been going nuts with my XIM4e, adjusting configs, tuning, tweaking, switching peripherals - nothing. The games "felt" ok but slightly "off" and more to the point I couldn't seem to hit much of anything, even if my sights looked dead on target. I'd go 5-30 in COD:Ghosts and even worse in Titanfall. I was seriously about to give up and post when I realized what the problem was.

So of course I switch to fast and now I am 30-1 in Ghosts, among others. And I'm not even what you'd call a very good COD-style player. I mean, it was immediate - all of the sudden I started hitting everything.

So the moral of this story is, don't forget about input lag! If your TV has a "gaming" mode, try it - usually those are faster, for a reason. And even if it doesn't, make sure you turn off post-processing options like FI - any post-processing meant to enhance an image is going to induce input lag, and for games you really don't need them.

I know most players probably know this but as my experience shows it's easy to forget. Your XIM4e will thank you :)

So, the Edge is out. Ok, maybe you can't get one right this second - sold out! - but it's out, it'll be back in stock, and it officially supports the PS3.

As a former Xim 3/GT Max user - I probably spent more hours on my PS3 with that setup than my 360 - I thought I'd start a PS3-specific thread about the Edge, so here you go:

First impressions:

Killzone series: Better than the GTMax/3 combo. KZ3 in particular is awesome online and thanks to the recent free MP offer there are still a lot of players. It's a great shooter so get it, and add me as a friend (PSN: Planetix) while you are at it. In many ways I prefer KZ3 to the Halo series, and that is saying a lot because I played the hell out of Halo 3 and Reach. Remember there is no KZ1 for the PS3, that was PS2 only, and yes KZ2 is great and yes you should buy it used for $10 or whatever Gamestop/etc has it for.

Resistance series: Resistance 1 doens't have an ST. Boo. The R2 ST works with it, but it's not great, a standard config works better, square DZ, 8500. R1 is an old game but it's awesome.

R2 is a great SP experience, MP has kind of died off. ST works well with it.

R3 is a great game but the ST for the Edge is a little slow, you will want to tweak it, bump up the acceleration to around 24 from 19 or you will go mad, trust me. Fun online but frankly there are more people playing R1 online, believe it or not. Also KZ3 beats the pants off the Resistance series online.

Uncharted series - Only tried 3 so far, its....weird. I dunno, this is one of those titles like Gears of War where I actually prefer the controller. Your mileage may very.

Battlefield 3 - Finally, BF3 is good on the PS3. This game had the most trouble with the GT Max/3 combo but with the Edge it's just as good as it is on the 360 if not better.

That's my experience so far - post yours!

Release Candidates / Halo Anniversary Test report
« on: 05:57 PM - 11/19/11 »
Played for about an hour or so with the ST in the new RC in single player.

I tested it with a G9 set at 5700, G15 keyboard (also a PS3 Nav), settings stock ST at 21 sensitivity, though I ended up bumping that up to about 28.

I'm also running through a Belkin USB switch for what it's worth.

1) The notes say the Y axis is limited. Wow, you aren't kidding. I was black-dotting all over the place. The confusing part is the Reach ST, while more "jittery" doesn't seem exhibit the same behavior? What I mean is it seems a bit faster/I can whip the mouse up and down quicker without going out of spec.

2) The PS3 Nav works pretty well with this, just like Reach.

3) As with other Halo games vehicle control is way off; I could set up a secondary config I guess, but it's easier just to grab the controller when I get in one instead. If you want to use the same setup for everything then you'll probably need to set up a secondary with some radical adjustments to sensitivity and the like.

4) Otherwise, it worked pretty well. Given the Y axis issue I'm kind of glad now that MP is using the Reach engine, which seems to have less of an issue with this, but otherwise for single player it's very nice.

Overall I'd say it's a very decent, smooth ST. Thanks for the work put in to it!

I just got my Xim3 two days ago, and was having a good time with it after all the tweaking, forum reading, and such that was required to get it "just right". As a dedicated WASD PC player I've been waiting for something like this for a long time.

Anyway, I was doing ok with the keyboard when I read several posts here about the PS3 Move Nav controller and how it is pretty decent with the Xim3. This interested me because I was actually thinking of dropping some coin on an X13 for more or less the same reason (analog joystick) and I happen to have a Move Nav so.....

Several hours later I'm making what is only my second post on these forums to ask: Why is this not on the front page? Stickied? Shouted from the rooftops? Because this thing goes with the Xim3 like Peanut Butter goes with Jelly :) Particularly in Halo: Reach and Gears 3 (the latter I pretty much can't play without, keyboard just doesn't work for it).

For a sub $20 peripheral it's hard to imagine a better deal out there. If you are on the fence, or have a Xim3 and are thinking of trying the Sony Nav, take it from a brand new Xim3 owner/hopeless console controller player - the combo rocks. Get your buttons mapped the way you like them and get ready to rock. I used to be miserable at all Halo games and I just left a Slayer match where I was top player, for the first time - ever.

The Xim 3 is great. Use it with the Sony Nav controller and it's beyond great :)

I'm MGIxian on XBL if anyone wants to add me and play.

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