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Feedback / Suggested Features - Ballistic Editor (Upgrade)
« on: 08:00 PM - 08/20/21 »
Thought if something can be done to the ballistic editor. It actually a powerful tool but underutilized because it is hard to setup. Currently create the curve is still can be done, but you cannot see at which mouse speed it will start and where end.

Will be good to add some kind of real-time indicator (inside curve editor) to see where the mouse current input at on the chart, so will be easier to adjust.

Maybe you can bring Ballistic editor out as a standalone app for beta test, it doesnt have to be a functional app if there are some security implications accessing to XIM - but it at least need to have same option to copy the curve and then paste it in the XIM software for tests.

Hi, have a few features in mind that will be great to add to the XIM manager:

1. Default settings
I already explained in my thread here: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=86292
It seems that many additional features in XIM Apex were worked like 1 year before (Tested in Apex Legends, not sure how it behave in other games) but now it's like 0 Aim Assist when you adding all those additional settings. Guessing Game developers might have implemented some kind of shadow detection for XIM players, they dont ban, but remove AA instead. Was blaming the servers or network before, but realize that even have a good connection, hitreg very good, almost no lags, but still 0 AA, even for those settings that was given aimbot like feelings before. Nothing has been changed.

If the above is true, we need to have a settings values for a RAW controller input (or at least closest to it), so we can set it as our starting values. For example now by default smoothing is 0, we increase it to smoothen higher DPI mouse inputs small jitters, so need to have some starting values for DPI ranges to have a controller like output as close as possible, at least for those commonly used 800, 3200, 5000, 10000, 20000. Last time (1 year ago) i tried Smoothing 20 - not able to even move properly, now 20 values, like no changes at all.
SAB starting values - 0 (or OFF?)
Polling rate - 125Hz (if you set 1000Hz maybe there are other settings to change to compensate it)
Sync - Default
Other settings i believe are just multipliers and will not affect anything, like X/Y ratio, steady Aim, boost

After default settings are met, we should not have any issues with the behaviour in game and it suppose to be as same as controller. Theeeen, we start to meddle with it and find settings that gives a good movement with least losses of XIM benefits.

2. Reset to Default
Nothing special, just a reset button on ST 1st edit screen to clear everything from ST, coz now need to delete and re create ST if you want to reset it and if you already updated translators, will not be possible to do it and keep the previous translator. (unless manually change it through PC)

3. Translate Keybinds
Similar to Ballistics - have a code to export your keybinds, so when we copy paste codes from other players no need to spend another 20min to set all your keybinds back.

Just some of the features that are not critical but i think will be good to implement.

Think this question is to DEVs. I don't know how to title it correctly, but the issue is as follows:

Game - Apex Legends.
When you set in advanced controls in game HIP sensitivity high and ADS sensitivity low then you adjust it in XIM - everything is fine except the moment when you reload the gun or swap weapons. If you hold ADS button - the character start to spinning, not bug or something, is like XIM is still on ADS sensitivity, but the game during this animation is only accept HIP sensitivity, so it become like double sensitivity in total (Game HIP, which is MAX + XIM ADS, which is high)

Any way to overcome it? Can still use both sensitivity settings in game set high, so it will not be noticeable, but above settings give higher AA.

Game Support / Roblox ST - Arsenal Game ))
« on: 12:06 AM - 10/03/20 »
Hi mist4fun I sent this to Od1n, but he said to look for you for the settings advise..

Code: [Select]
Hi. Sorry to disturb, but have a question only you guys might be able to answer. Im trying to get XIM to work with Roblox (Arsenal game). Since you guys knows your code very well - any advise which ST might work out with this game? I tried about 10 of them randomly but there is way too many to guess. I get it to work with Apex legends ST, but the only issue is - micro movements are not registered.
Any help would be appreciated.. im an advance XIM user, so you may skip any explanation, i can set up everything on my own, just to resolve micro movements.

This is the link to the game - https://www.roblox.com/games/286090429/Arsenal?refPageId=9a5de1ae-9fa9-4268-8a40-8b451d103408
Im using Xbox one controller

I Had tried the beta settings at the bottom as Od1n mentioned, but all doesn't work properly. The closest one i could find is the following 2, but they work in different ways, haha, need something in the middle.
1. Apex Legends ST - Works well, but micro movements are not register
2. Darwin Project - Works with micro movement, but overall control is too sensitive (slight move of mouse will move cursor by a lot, even with very low senses)

There is no way to adjust controller curves in the game (like response curve, etc)

Any settings can get to have both movement right (micro and normal)?  Any settings can be released just for Roblox itself?


Feedback / More Aux Settings in XIM
« on: 08:31 AM - 06/19/20 »
Hi devs. I posted this somewhere on this forum long ago, but can't find now. What is your stand of adding more Auxiliary pages into the XIM? Is this possible? And how soon it will be out?
There are lots of convenient staff could be created if have more settings pages (or at least 1 page but with a few activation buttons options and their settings separately). Current 6 pages is not enough, like for those games like Apex in order to use almost all game functions with XIM it have to be set this way:
1. Hip settings
2. ADS settings
3. Ping settings
4. Nades
5. Shields
6. Looting
Thats it. How about character custom voices in game? Cannot use already. Now if i want to add like convenient mouse movement in menus instead of WASD have to sacrifice 1 settings for it, slow down mouse while shoot - delete another one, and so on.. But i can guess you already knew it ;)

Possible to introduce at least some betas for use 1st?

Game Support / Faster mouse scroll (Apex legends)
« on: 11:46 PM - 05/19/20 »
Hi Guys,

I have an auxiliary in Apex Legends set for looting boxes, then Move actions UP and Down i had set to mouse scroll UP and Down. It was ok before, but now in Season 5 they had changed the appear of loot screen and mouse scroll become very very slow..
Question is - any way to make it scroll faster? I had try add boost and also turn assist, nothing of it works.. 

Season 11 XIM Settings (Current)

Season 11 Settings (V1) - Currently (as of 16.11.21) works well, Strong AA, responsive fast movements.

Discord discussion here - https://discord.gg/rZAHr9BJw7
Upd: Initially there were only my settings, but community had been grown and now there is various settings by many players as well as the XIMMR files and curves collection. Lol, big friendly community now with no stress and free talks.

Some short gameplay here:

I had used the method of not opening settings publicly and it seems to works, so continue the same (Randomized values).

For this settings to work, you need to have v4.2 ST
XIMMR File (ST) can download here - P4.2 (X1.1)

Mouse - default settings
Mouse Refresh rate - 1000Hz
Xim Refresh rate - 125Hz
Xim FW - Latest as of now

In Game Settings:
Playing at 1920x1080p, Locked at 143 FPS
FOV - 106

Menu cursor speed - center bar

Now important steps in controller settings (@Maria's trick):
1. Turn on ALC
2. Set all to 0 (only Outer Treshold min is 1)
3. Turn on Per Optics and set these values:
x1 - 8.2
All rest - 10
4. Now Turn Off ALC (dont disable per optics)
Next is in Controller Settings Tab:
5. Hip sensitivity - 7
6. ADS sensitivity - 2
7. Per Optics Sentivity - Disable
8. Look Deadzone - None
9. Responce Curve - Classic
10.Movement Deadzone - Large

Settings in XIM:

In ADS config - set activation button to left click. Was fine-tuning the config for this approach. Pros is:
1. Your ADS is as fast as HIP, quick target switching (it is slow down when you start firing)
2. Your Hipfire senses will slow down when you start shooting
3. Wingman, PK - easy to use up close

Titanfall 2 ST (Xbox)
(Note: Values below i will not give exact, everyone just use your own. This way settings can live longer)

Sens - 18-22
Synchronize - Off
Smoothing - 3-5
Y/X - 1.10
Steady Aim - 1.0
Boost - 100
SAB - 0

Sens - 15-19
Synchronize - Off
Smoothing - 2-4
Y/X - 1.20
Steady Aim - 1.2
Boost - 0
SAB - 80-100

HIP Ballistics (Movements still fast, but during fight it will slow down a bit when firing):
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Hi All, moved this from the other thread for not off topic there.

The issue is - i was using 200 DPI for the mouse and had set up all sub configs by myself. The Healing rotation wheel selector was instantly show up once i choosing and it was smoothly moved around.

Now i transit to 3200 DPI, everything is same except senses and nomatter how i set senses/boost for healing items - i cant get it to work right, i need to drag mouse quite some distance into the item direction for selector to go to correct item, very frustrate during hot gunfight. Now i temporarily increase steady aim to 10 there, so at least less effort need but is still jumps around.

As advised by Odin i had tried:
1. Create different sub config and manually set up everything again
2. Tick/un tick Turn Assist
3. Changed Hip/ADS translator

If i reverse back to 200 DPI and try, it is still very smooth.

Here is the current settings just in case:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Apex Legends] START COPY >>>

Support / [Q/A] Xim Apex - Connection to PC no signal
« on: 08:30 PM - 02/11/20 »
Hi. Didn't find similar problem thread here.

Im trying to connect Xim Apex to PC and here is what i did:

1. Connected Xim to PC in flash mode and flashed latest Beta, after that factory reset
2. Connect Xbox controller + MK
3. Everything is detected in Xim Manager (except controller, described below), mouse and KB inputs are shown in app
4. Loaded game profile
5. Nothing happens in game

The one thing i just realised, but not sure if this cause issue - the controller is a 3rd party (like this - Here), its detecting as Xbox controller when directly plugged to PC and when plugged to XIM it shows the Xbox logo in the app and written "Controller", but controller become un usable and is just flashing green light instead of steady light.

Any suggests?

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