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XIM MATRIX Discussions / Xim Nexus PC. Bypass Button?
« on: 02:48 AM - 12/21/22 »
Is there any chance for pc users  to have a bypass solution so we dont have to use two keyboards and two mouses in order one to be for the xim and the other to control the pc?

Is it possible in future updates to paste Xim 4 ballistic Curves and whole configs to Xim Apex?

After latest update there is no ALC settings option in the controller menu. Happens only to me or is it a common issue? Is there a solution?

Guys i'm sorry because i paste a wrong code. Now i have updated the config with the correct one

This is the config i play in season 7 apex legends using MjFame's Method.
In the config is also included the aim assist Boost method and Anti recoil.

Apex Legends ps4 st (on ps4 ) - TitanFall 2 st (on pc) - Xbox i dont know cause i dont have an xbox :)
Dpi 800 - polling rate 1000hz mouse - 1000hz app
In game setting 7/7 classic small FOV 106

here is the correct code
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Mj Fame 800 1000 both 77] START COPY >>>

General Discussion / Push to talk option
« on: 02:08 AM - 10/10/20 »
Does anyone knows how to use the "Push to talk" option on Xim app?
I have connected the xim to a pc and want to use apex legends in game chat or discord.
Thank you

This config has been created by mistake trying to copy and paste Tourette's config but i saw that the Aim Assist was great and there was close to zero recoil even on R99.
I dont know any technical stuff about how to improve it or why is smoothing to 10 etc so if anyone can improve it and make suggestions please share it with us

Any credits belongs to Tourette and any other who helped him.

Dpi 4000

Xim Response rate 1000

Mouse response rate 1000


Aim 70

Ballistic Curve

>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Synchronize Off

smoothing 10

Y/X 1.00

Steady Aim 0.0

Boost 0.0

Simulate Analog behavior Off (I'm using Sony Nav)


Aim 15

Ballistic Curve Same As HIP

Synchronize Off

smoothing 10

Y/X 1.00

Steady Aim 0.0

Boost 0.0

Simulate Analog behavior Off (I'm using Sony Nav)

In Game Settings

FOV 86

Look Sensitivity 7
ADS Sensitivity 7

Response Curve Linear

Look Deadzone Small

Movement Deadzone Small

Hardware Compatbility / PS move problem
« on: 02:58 AM - 04/12/20 »
Hello All
I dont know why my Playstation move controller doesn't work with the xim apex app anymore.
The app identifies the device but it doesn't get any keybindings....doesnt record the press of buttons
I use  manager 5.00.20190719 and firmware 5.00.20200307
Any ideas....?

General Discussion / Mouse Dpi and screen size
« on: 11:24 AM - 03/02/20 »
Hello All
How can I calculate what mouse dpi fits my monitor
I have a Samsung 49" 3840x1080 monitor curved and a mouse capable of 16000 dpi.
Is there a converter?

Thank you

Hello all
For some time now I try your configs and I like to thank you all for your effort  :)
I like to request a heavy AA config for Apex Legends because I'm of some age (48) and cant keep up with the other players as I did back at the old days....especially at Apex legends where everyone is jumping like crazy!
I play on PC I have a Logitech G502 proteus 12k dpi max 1000hz
Keyboard Belkin n52te

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