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« on: 07:40 AM - 12/20/21 »
All these days i was keep reading about people getting frustrated with beloader and some try to blame xim devs which they had the kindness to help us all this time with beloader videos amd info . I just want to say to all get involved to introduce us beloader device that i received mine yesterday after 13 days waiting and just owwwwwwwwww it works perfectly no disconnects no purple lights no disconnects nothing i dont know what the rest that has issues r doing wrong but for me its just works flawlessss best thing happened from the day Sony choose to add this hair-trigger bs on ps5 THANKS TO ALL HERE, it seems i have like zero input lag at least i dont feel nothing on my monitor . I cant express my feeling to all xim devs .

P.s im just wishing if at some day i will be able to plug my xim to my ps5 direclty with out any beloader device.

Happy holidays merry xmas to

XIM APEX Discussions / New to xim apex .
« on: 10:10 PM - 11/29/20 »
Hi to all im a new owner of xim apex i used to have xim 4 for a long time and now i update to xim apex . Im so satisfied with the update that i made by buying  xim
Apex .

Anyway i just need a small explanation for two things .

1 i have seen that behind xim hub its a small-hole can anyone knows what is for .

2 i have download two st from my phone app one for cod and one for r6. R6 im playing it on 500 hz and on cod im playing on 1000hz on the xim app . My question is that every time i changing the ST from R6 to COD or the opposite i have to to unplug the xim from my console so the hz will change ? Cause everytime i playing R 6 is on 500 hz after if i want to play COD i have to go to global settings change the hz to the app save it unplug the  xim so it will be on 1000. So this is the only way or i missing something .

XIM 4 Discussions / after update
« on: 09:32 AM - 03/29/20 »
hi to all i hope all doing alright wiht this pandemic virus. i wanted ask if anyone knows after the update that i just made i lost all my settings is anyway to get them back

thanks in advance

XIM 4 Discussions / Configurations for division 2
« on: 10:39 AM - 12/28/19 »
Hi to everyone im trying to make good configurations for division 2 but i cant make it my problem is i cant move in circle i cant make an circle anyone willing to help me im will pay him for his effort thanks to everyone  merry xmas

XIM 4 Discussions / razer naga trinity mouse
« on: 07:07 PM - 12/21/19 »
i m new to the mk thing can anyone help me how can i find out how many hz my razer mouse runs .
also if i change the dpi of my mouse the hz r changing also?

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