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Release Candidates / Use Push to talk as toggle mute
« on: 05:24 AM - 03/09/12 »
Think this may have been mentioned when the subject of a push to talk feature was first mentioned , but i couldnt find the answer .

Basically my headset has no mute feature and i prefer an open mic most of the time , so i was just wondering if the actual push to talk button could be set so  it toggled the mic on and off with just a single press rather than being held ?  or perhaps a simple macro would be able to this for me ?


Im sure it was on the supported mouse list  but  at first i though this wasnt going to be possible  due to the Imperator not having the same onboard memory as the G500 but i decided to try it last night and it appears to remember the Dpi setting of its highest value (5600dpi)

Basically i had to do the same as with the G500 get rid of all the other sensitivity options , in the Razer utilities you have to have 2 but i set them both the same and it  remembers them  ;D

The Imperator seems to glide much better and have a less clunky feel then the G500 ,much nicer feel to the scroll wheel and now the ability to map two keys to one button isnt there and the onboard macro is nerfed on the G500 so i cant map the button to that instead without the input freezing up  i think i'll be giving the Imperator a good run when i use my XIM 3  8)

XIM 3 Discussions / G500 - XIM3 Issue
« on: 06:23 PM - 03/09/11 »
Got my XIM 3 today  ;D, first off id like to start by thanking Obsiv and the team for all the hard work thats gone into  making the XIM 3 possible .

On my XIM 360 i used to have a couple of buttons assigned to one function ie mouse wheel up/down and the arrow key up also mapped to the front button on my G500 , after doing some searching i found this was not supported currently on the XIM 3 , i thought id found my solution ,

This was to assign my front Dpi increase button to macro and then have the macro as the arrow up , however this just caused the input to be jammed down and stop certain inputs registering on the XIM3 display , i then tried a mouse click instead of the up arrow to see if it was a key issue but this time the mouse input just became jammed down and stopped responding ???

Slightly confused as to why this was happening i decided to plug back in my XIM 360 and the functions worked as they should , the functions are all bound to 'generic' in setpoint apart from left click which i couldnt seem to rebind and the front dpi button which is bound to macro .

Hey all
Sorry another keyboard /xim3 thread  ::)

I've had a Black Widow Ultimate keyboard on back order now since the end of last year and still no eta on when it may be instock  >:(, anyway after reading a few posts on it i see some users are having trouble with it in conjuction with the XIM3 be it mic issues or key presses ect

 i did read somewhere in a review that the black  widow  keyboard has no diodes in it so the ammount of simultaneous keys that  can be pressed at once is only 2

Would any current users be able to comment on if they are still having issues  with it  ect

I like the board but its a lot of money and if its going to have issues i may aswell get a cheaper board like the  lycossa ,standard black widow or maybe even logitech G110 :-\

Hey Guys

im thinking of buying the new model xbox 250gb  ,ive done a quick search but couldnt see anything but im just wondering if there are any known compatability issues with the xim 360 and this new model xbox


Technical Support / Error code 406
« on: 10:02 AM - 06/06/09 »
Hi guys

had this error code crop up today on my xim 2  , searched a few posts but to no avail still not found the answer ...
 basically whilst playing cod 4 the controls froze up so i switched monitor input to find error code 406 unable to query mouse and keyboard state and unable to connect to hardware or something to that effect .

Could not manually close program had to do so through task manager , and then when it was restarted the update rate was all over the place and the error message was still there .
The only way to get the program to behave normally is to restart the pc

Im running on win xp pro using the new smart mouse system, and config as below:

Update rate 45

Deadzone 7200
XY Ratio 2.3
Transport exponent 0.34
Primary sensitivity 4000
Secondary sensitivity 6000
Diagonal dampen 0.7
Smoothness 0

any help much appreciated


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