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XIM APEX Discussions / Auxiliary 1 Toggle question.
« on: 03:13 PM - 09/09/20 »
So because of a series of reasons having to do with how I have my
Audio routed for streaming... I cannot use the push to talk toggle function built into my xim apex. Fortnite has push to talk which you can assign to a button and then obviously assign that button to xim. So i have fortnite push to talk bound to R3 sprint (PS4) and then in xim i have R3 bound to my x key on my keyboard. Because I suck at push to talk AND with fortnite youíre using comms way more than youíre muting to talk to chat on stream - I wanted to create a situation where I could toggle push to talk on and off. So that it could mostly be on but I can click it off while I talk to stream chat and my party canít hear me. So I created an auxiliary 1 and made its toggle on off button X - the same button I have bound to push to talk in game. It works! When I want it on I click x once and I can speak and when I need mute I click x once and it mutes. Because how I understand it - auxiliary 1 toggle simulates holding down the button thus tricking fortnite into thinking I am pushing to talk. BUT! The problem I am having is that after a few minutes of talking when xim has had aux 1 toggle on for a while it just randomly shuts off. Thus muting me. Any idea why the toggle is turning off on its own without me pushing x a second time? Help!

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