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General Discussion / It's official BBB said it
« on: 08:33 AM - 02/22/22 »
It looks like the Nexus gets a mention on the BBB youtube channel..

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Possible Sound Bug with Nexus
« on: 10:31 AM - 02/20/22 »
I seem to have a sound problem when using the Nexus Headset Socket.

Today I took the Nexus downstairs for some Sofa play.

Plugging the headset into the Nexus gave a very low volume so I plugged the headset into the Auth controller to get instant volume boost.

Auth controller gave about double the volume, or rather, the Nexus gave about 50% volume that the Auth controller gave.

Now.. here is where it got strange.

I plugged it back into the Nexus to have even lower volume than before, it seamed like every time I unplugged then plugged into the Nexus the audio got lower and lower, to the point will headset maxed the game had almost zero sounds.

I am running experimental builds  and latest manager.
I have no idea if this is caused by the build or not as I have not directly plugged in a headset to a controller in near 10 years.

XIM APEX Discussions / Remote play Xbox
« on: 05:33 AM - 10/16/21 »
I have been using Remote play on Xbox for a fair amount of time to give me access to the Steam controller software for gyro use on Xbox. which also allowed me to to use gamepad viewer so I can overlay the gamepad in OBS, really useful.
Using a gamepad in this way feels no different to using it directly in the console.

I thought for giggles If I plug the Apex into the PC to act as a controller then use the Xbox remote play, that should allow me to use gamepad viewer, and it worked for that purpose, but not without compromise.
 I don't know of any other way to display a gamepad from a console ( if there is another way please tell me ).

There was a side effect though. I needed to reduce my mouse DPI from 12000 down to 3000 exactly 1/4.

For context,
Normally, I use Xim Link ( just in case it makes a difference )
Mouse DPI 12000
Mouse Polling 1000Hz
Xim Polling 500Hz
Xim Sync OFF with every game I can

Now, Does this indicate the Xbox Remote app is polling to the Xbox at 125Hz rate?
Something else I noticed, was the aiming felt artificial, in the same way as when I use any Sync type other than OFF.
In fact, please don't take this the wrong way, it felt like a Xim4, and I am not used to that feeling any more.

General Discussion / Gyro Steering for racing games.
« on: 05:07 AM - 09/30/21 »
With the announcement of the Nexus and it's motion abilities lots of questions have been asked about driving games.

As it has been said, it may be a future possibility, So,  I thought I would see what I could do with the PS4 controller gyro on the Xbox.

First, I have not played driving games in a long time so I suck, but, this was nothing more than a concept test for my method of gaining access to the PS4 controller gyro.

And it works, Hand cam and gamepad overlay are in the video..   enjoy.


XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Apex Manager update
« on: 08:23 AM - 09/20/21 »
What  are the chances of the Apex manager getting the curve control using the same method as the Nexus ?

Is there a possibility the manager could be updated to have multiple keys for opening a single config page in the same way as there are multiple keys to get out of a config.

I have asked the config question before and it seemed like the correct people liked the idea. but I guess ( looking back at the timing ) everyone was probably concentrating on the Nexus development.

XIM APEX Discussions / Sorry for the little rant, but..
« on: 04:17 AM - 05/24/21 »
The amount of times I see questions in here about how do I convert this sense to that sense if I change the polling rate or the sync type are astounding.

Try to do it yourself.
It takes less time to actually change the setting, reboot the xim only if the polling rate has been changed, and set up your 360* distance on any setting, than it does to log into the forum and ask the question.

Hi Guys,

I can confirm my XBSX controller does not work with XIM Apex.

The passthrough works fine as expected, but the Xim does not detect the controller.

Also I can confirm so far ( I played some Modern Warfare ) the XIM Apex works with my XB1X controller.

Feedback / Multiple keys to access a sub config.
« on: 06:25 AM - 09/10/20 »
I am sure I have suggested or asked if this is possible before, but maybe it wasn't in the right place.

When we use a sub config, Aux1 for example, we can assign 4 different keys to disable the aux config.

Why can't we have the option to have a few optional keys to enter a single config such as Aux1

For any game that uses a rose selection  I always set up a sub config because it gives more control than just using turn assist or running out of mouse mat when I have to swipe the mouse a mile to activate the options.

As an example in overwatch there are rose menu's for comms and for sprays, which by default use the UP and Down D-Pad buttons,   I have two completely separate sub configs which are both set up exactly the same simply because I can only set up a single key to activate a sub config.
If we had the option of assigning extra keys to activate I could set up so my keys assigned to UP and DOWN D-Pad could both activate the same sub config , this would free up a sub config for other uses.

General Discussion / Logitech G502 Light Weight Version
« on: 07:01 AM - 09/03/20 »
First things first:
If this post is in any way against any of the forum rules please delete it and accept my apologies.

General questions

1. If there was a kit you could buy to reduce the weight of your G502 would you consider it?
2. If so what price would you expect considering replacement standard shells are $25+ on ebay?
3. What weight would you expect?  Being realistic it would be reasonable to be a little under 100g but something like 80g is very unrealistic.

I have been thinking about designing and tooling a kit for a while as I have several other mice which I use and like but I keep going back to the 502 because of it's button count and their positions. The problem is, it is heavy. I currently use a G203 most of the time and I have a G Pro Wireless on stand by so an 80g mouse it what I use, I simply can't see a way of producing a kit which can remove 35-40g from the mouse by simply replacing the cases and main two buttons.

Something else I have been looking into is a kit to convert  a G13 to mechanical keys

Feedback / Configs pages accessed by multiple buttons.
« on: 02:23 AM - 03/16/20 »
How difficult would it be to implement a method of selecting a config by multiple activation keys similar to the way multiple deactivation keys can be used to exit a config page?

There are several games where this could be very useful, Overwatch being one of them.

General Discussion / Test
« on: 06:04 AM - 01/16/20 »
Just testing something

Is there a time limit for editing a post?

As everyone here I am sure knows, there was an interview with jeff kaplan where he publicly said Blizzard didn't agree with the use of M/Kb on consoles specifically overwatch.

I am sure I remember him saying the console manufactures should give native support so everyone can have the choice.
My answer to this would be, everyone does have the choice, they can by an adaptor, mouse and keyboard  for about the same price as an xbox elite controller.

Well...  The console manufacturers did give native support, so where is the ingame support for Overwatch like he suggested he wanted?

Is this just another example of the game designers publicly saying they don't approve of M/KB users and are looking into stopping them to appease the very loud crying controller users, but really they don't give a f**k as long as the people buy the game?

General Discussion / Xim Use on PC.
« on: 07:03 AM - 11/28/19 »
Hi all.

I wanted to get a general opinion here from the community and if possible official Xim Devs.

I am seeing a fair amount of help requests for Xim usage on PC in various different ways.
Does the Xim team officially support the use of the Xim on PC or not?

If the Devs do not support PC usage then should we as a community help PC users if the problem is related to the PC rather than the Xim?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Manager Profile Activation
« on: 07:23 AM - 11/13/19 »
It's a lot to ask I know and maybe not possible, but..

Is there a way a profile can be selected by simultaneously holding two buttons

for the sake of ease I want to hold right mouse AND another button to activate a different profile , there is a specific reason why I want to only activate if TWO buttons are held and it is very specific to one game.

During writing this I may have figured out a method to do what I want so it may not be required, but it is still worth the question, is it possible to have this at some point in the future?
Also a way to copy only buttons in apex manager would be nice instead of having to copy everything, but I am sure that particular question has been asked so many times since the launch of the Apex.

General Discussion / Question regarding ST training
« on: 06:51 AM - 11/13/19 »
When a game has multiple aim styles , Modern warfare and Overwatch are the only two I can think of right now.

What drives the decision to train the ST using a particular aim style such as, in MW there are standard, linear and dynamic aim systems.

Is there a reason why any one of these options are chosen over another or is it more of choose the setting which is default because it means users will have to change less in the game.

A little ignorance going to come through here.
 Does it really make any difference which is trained?
As the job of the training is to find out the aim system shape, dead zones, along with where acceleration is used and how much, then counter act it in order to provide the Xim user with a very linear feel.

I know that is an extremely simplified explanation but I am sure the point of what I am asking is clear.

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