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Anyone else download the latest update?  Currently downloaded on PC and upon finishing Nexus manager closes. When attempting to connect it closes again.

Opened Xim Manager on Android Phone and downloaded update and results in the same.   No clue if there was a corrupted update?

General Discussion / Why so many bots?
« on: 04:27 PM - 03/02/22 »
Don't really peruse much other forums but seems like Xim forum is always attacked by bots. Any particular reason? lol

XIM NEXUS Discussions / 2nd Batch Success
« on: 12:05 PM - 02/01/22 »
My 4 year upgrade path complete lol.

Looking forward and super excited to try out the next Xim Team iteration. Might even get a switch now bahahaha

Also for those who haven't or didn't get a chance, highly suggest using Pay Pal the next round!

General Discussion / Xim is Underrated
« on: 08:06 PM - 12/24/21 »
Is this just me or does anyone else feel like Xim Apex is getting better? Most the ST are great, only takes a week or 2 to come out. Not only that, when games update that break the aim the team goes back to try and make it work.

I see all this @#$% about Xim not being good here in this community but really itís just a load of @#$%. I see a great team and community that helps out when they can.  When I first brought the Xim it is still worth having but lately I play worse on a controller which says that the Xim is amazing.

Just want to give a big thanks to the entire Xim Team. For continually pushing the boundaries and the continued support through all this.  Happy Holidays and can't wait enough for the Nexus ;)

General Discussion / Current Gen Lifespan (PS4, X1)
« on: 05:11 PM - 02/09/16 »
The x360 & PS3 are essentially still active in many houses while there has been a shift in the new PS4 & X1.  The previous generation had about 8 years of solid production.

How long do you think the current consoles will last?  I'm guessing with 2 years down, a solid 4 years to go until the new gen comes out.  By then single 4k capable GPU's will hopefully be ready/affordable. 

There's also the whole VR thing which should make this interesting. 

General Discussion / Rise of the Tomb Raider (PC)
« on: 05:08 PM - 02/04/16 »
Tried looking into solutions however can't seem to find how to increase controller sensitivity at all. This isn't surprising since the majority that play on PC use a mouse & keyboard however was wondering if anyone knows what to look for to fix. Any direction would really help.

Added note: I do max any in game controller settings however is still too slow for my liking.


General Discussion / Using Xim to play PC games
« on: 04:35 PM - 01/12/16 »
So coming from a controller first background, I'm more comfortable using a joystick for movement.  I just recently started playing PC games (No FPS/multiplayer) and have been using the XIM for controller supported games and having a blast.  Anyone else do this too? 

Now I've played using the native mouse support and it's actually fun but switching back to consoles not all games have that speed, COD being the closest in my library and allows for a smoother transition when gaming in between.

Played these games with this combo so far:
Tomb Raider
Far Cry 4
Phantom Pain

General Discussion / Sony Navi Thumbstick Replacement
« on: 10:31 AM - 12/09/15 »
So for our Sony Navi users here eventually the thumbstick "Click" will fail.  Has anyone had any experience changing/replacing the thumbstick? 

I have four extra and just replace them at $10 a pop but who knows how much longer they'll be in stock. 

General Discussion / PC prefences
« on: 06:01 PM - 07/31/15 »
Kinda wondering what the preferences are for the pc gamers.

I'm a console guy but was talking to my PC friend about this.

Is 4k medium better than 1080p Ultra?

Which is more important, 60+fps than higher resolution?

Thinking of getting into PC gaming and need some guidance =D

Tutorials / Live Streaming
« on: 11:09 AM - 03/30/15 »
Hey everyone, just have some questions and need some input.  I know we've got several twitch streamers here.  Some console, pc, or both. 

I'm currently streaming with my laptop so the quality is definitely lacking while using the El Gato HD for my console footage & OBS.

If I'm to get a desktop, not for gaming, just video editing/streaming and such, would a strong GPU be necessary at all?  Or is the processor (i7-4790) all that is necessary?

I'm asking because I see in OBS a selection for integrated GPU or dedicated however wasn't too sure if this makes a big difference at all.

General Discussion / Destiny & Harvest Moon
« on: 01:07 PM - 09/08/14 »
So I woke up this morning @ 5am to go to the gym and the moon was absolutely humongous.

I think it's so awesome Bungie would release Destiny this midnight with the Harvest Moon up.  I'm not waiting in-line since I won't pick-up a copy until after work around 6pm but it's going to be crazy having the last super moon of the summer up waiting for this game.  Genius!!!

General Discussion / Summer Stream *offline*
« on: 02:41 PM - 06/12/14 »
Sounds like I'm about to take a piss lol


Finally taking a break from school so will be streaming a bit more.  Majority of the time Bops2.

I'm in the west coast so if you want to be picked up let me know and I'll invite.  I do have the xbox one but refuse to play ghost lol

I also have classic Bops just in case for gaming too

General Discussion / Movies
« on: 11:55 AM - 06/05/12 »
I usually don't get stoked about movies but a few I can't wait to see are coming soon.

Bourne Legacy
Total Recall

Haven't seen Avengers yet since was too busy with finals/school so will hit that up 1st lol.  Anyone else hoping to see these or something I haven't mentioned?

General Discussion / Favorite game mode(s)
« on: 02:29 PM - 02/20/12 »
FFA, TDM, Domination, S&D, Demolition, & ETC...

My favorite mode would have to be TDM because of the play styles you will encounter.  It's also the first game mode I played when I first played a FPS in MW2 via Mercenary TDM.  Spawns can be sporadic forcing me to learn them quickly (2nd to FFA).  From what I've learned in TDM, I can apply it to every game mode I play.  When I play objective games IDGAF about kill/deaths so I pick the best perks/streaks/equipment available to help the team win.  I run specialist when I have no doubt about the enemy team =P 

So which game mode(s) do you prefer & why?

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