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Français / prbleme xim ps5
« on: 02:14 PM - 01/23/21 »
Salut à tous,

j'ai un petit soucis, je viens de recevoir la PS5 donc je fait la MAJ sur le xim et je branche la manette hori mini, clavier souris.

mais cela ne fonctionne pas, d'ailleurs même quand je vais dans l'appli il détecte clavier souris mais pas manette.
(la manette brancher seule marche)

quelqu'un à une idée ?

General Discussion / macro razer xim on ps4
« on: 02:06 AM - 01/04/21 »

i have a problem, i made a macro on my basilisk razer mouse.

On the computer on the game destiny its ok, but on xim + ps4 the macro no longer works.

It's normal ?

Game Support / destiny 2
« on: 03:08 AM - 10/07/20 »

I am a player on Destiny 2
  Xim Apex, razer tartarus V2 keyboard and razer basilisk mouse.

I am really confused about adjustment, I am French and I speak very poor English. the problem is that the videos I see are all in English.

I would like to find settings for the PVP.

please can you give me some PVP setting.
-for shotgun: DPI, Hz and configuration

-for sniper rifle: DPI, Hz and configuration


can you explain the curve to me?
how to manage the recoil of my weapons?
target assistance ?

Can you explain me the diffférence HiP and AIM down sight ?
What is Synchronize ?
what is  smooth aim transition ?
what is Y/X ratio ?
What is turn ratio ?

thanking you in advance because I am really lost

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