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Game Support / MJ Fame inspired settings for Cold War ?
« on: 03:30 AM - 10/11/20 »
Hi guys

Donít see much conversation for the Cold War beta in terms of settings here. Does anyone have a MJ Fame inspired version for this game ? ie 800 dpi version

Iím wondering where everyone is at. Are you planning to buy or wait till xim team gets their hands on the consoles ? If buying then which one? Iíve been primarily a PS4 player as latency with crossplay off (modern warfare) is better for me on PS4. However we are hearing that ps5 is not completely backwards compatible with PS4 controllers which might mean xim apex will probably not work.

Iíve been meaning to transition to a keyboard. Iíve been using Nav since I got the Apex and wondering if thereís any real benefit to move ? One I can see is that a keyboard allows more flexibility on button binds but is that it ? Is wasd as flexible as analog ?

Shared Configs / Black ops 4 ST on MW
« on: 04:15 AM - 05/10/20 »
Hi all

I wanted to share the config im using on MW.  I am using the BO4 ST as the feel of it is just right for me. It may or may not work for you but do try and let me know what you think

Hereís a video I captured last night on my second account. Pls skip to 2 min, 40 second for how it really flows

Black ops 4 ST

DPI : 12K
Sync: Common
hip : 18
Ads: 12
YX ratio: 1.2 on hip and 1.16 on ads
Boost : 4
No curves

Let me know what you think.

XIM APEX Discussions / Best wireless mouse for xim
« on: 04:19 AM - 05/05/20 »
Ok so Iím using g604 which is decent and has a lot of buttons.

Wondering if I should get another .. any good ones ?

Hi there

I was playing black ops 4 primarily on my playstation and Iíve got to a setting which is extremely comfortable for me. I tried playing today on Xbox with the same setting (I created a new profile and selected Xbox as the platform but retained the hip and ads settings the same )

For whatever reason, Iím finding it slightly sluggish. Itís not game breaking but I do find a subtle difference in movement and aiming. My question is, are there any thumb rules on how different the settings need to be when played the same game on both consoles ? Afraid to change too much because my PS4 settings are very comfortable to me but I want to get rid of the jitter (very slight ) that Iím feeling with the same settings on Xbox

XIM APEX Discussions / Will XIMs work on next gen ?
« on: 02:14 AM - 04/25/20 »
Hi, so Iíve gotten into XIMs pretty late in the current gen so Iím not sure whether it existed in the previous gen and if it was the same equipment (usb) that you used in the 360 days.

Iím currently still on black ops 4 setting (oculus mikki) and wondering if the new st (1 or 2) is any better?

Which setting is working for yall? I see a lot posted here but any affirmation for a setting should help as I donít want to confuse muscle memory too much by trying them all

I donít know if it is the ergonomics of the controller or the game (modern warfare) but Iím feeling quite a bit of soreness in my left thumb as I use it to press sprint or super sprint

I was previously using half controller half mouse (elite controller) but tried transitioning to this because holding the controller with my left hand was a little difficult after a few plays

Is there a way around ?

Game Support / Ground war Modern Warfare settings
« on: 09:55 AM - 10/27/19 »

I need some help. Iím using the black ops 4 ST basis Occulus Mikkis video. However when in a tank, it feels sluggish to turn and I need to swipe the mouse a lot to turn.

Can anyone help ?

Game Support / 800 dpi?
« on: 01:35 PM - 10/21/19 »
So Iíve realised with xim that there is too much information out there which is confusing

I still havenít been able to find my most comfortable settings on Bo4. Iím now using 4K dpi and sens adjusted so that I can turn 180 in half a swipe

My question
Is 800 dpi better or will I have issues? I saw quite a few youtubers using 800 and doing good with it

Should I use default sync or common for decent aim assist ?

What settings will make me feel like the controller equivalent of 7? That used to be my comfort spot in a controller

XIM APEX Discussions / Any advice for shivering hands?
« on: 01:27 AM - 10/20/19 »
So my hands tend to shiver a bit during extremely competitive matches. My dpi is 12k with hip at 88 and ads at 55

Can you give any advice on what is the best recommendation for hands that tend to shiver ? Should I go down on sens or polling ?

Anyone with similar experiences ?

XIM APEX Discussions / What is everyone's fav mousepad?
« on: 03:37 AM - 10/09/19 »
Hi guys,

So this is something i wanted your comments on.  I am using the zowie gsr which i feel is decent but are there any good mousepads specifically for my kind of config i.e 1000hz, 12K DPI, high sens

My mouse choices are g502 and g304/5 wireless.

I only play cod


Game Support / Help a noob out with Black Ops 4
« on: 09:13 AM - 09/28/19 »

Today was my first day using xim and Iím using nav with it

My issue is that I feel it takes me a bit of effort to turn 180 using the mouse. This is especially true with left turns and not right turns. Even if a player is strafing to my left (his right ) Iím not able to control the mouse to keep aim on him

My sens is 40 ads and 40 hip, polling is 1000. My mouse is g304 wireless.

I almost have to lift the mouse to get a proper 180 turn

Can anyone help ?

Hi there,

Need some help since I'm very new to XIM

Can someone help with their keybinds on what works for them? This is specific for NAV + Mouse.

Also, what are your dpi settings?

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