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Game Support / Atomic Heart ST
« on: 04:26 AM - 02/21/23 »
Hey everyone, please share what configs have you tried while we wait for official ST (if there is one planned)

I'm using default Modern Warfare 2 (2022) config.

In-game settings:
Controller Dead Zone - 0.05
Sensitivity - 1.0
X-Axis Sensitivity - 1.0
Y-Axis Sensitivity - 1.0
Rest left default

Controlls adjustment needed because RS button is crouch etc.. but after final tweaking game for me plays well, let me know what you found.

Game Support / Dead Space Remake ST
« on: 04:42 AM - 01/27/23 »
Please share your findings on what ST your using and what works for you, while official ST is on the way.

Game Support / Callisto Protocol ST
« on: 02:39 AM - 12/02/22 »
For those who are eager to jump in the game while official XIM ST for the game is not out, I tested playing with MW2 (2022) ST, and works perfectly.

In game settings:
Aim Sensitivity 100
Look Sensitivity 100

Game Support / Evil West ST
« on: 09:23 PM - 11/21/22 »
Anyone playing the game? I just got it and wanted opinion of someone who found a good ST while the new one is delivered by the team.

I'm using MW2 (2022) ST and seems not right

Game Support / Scorn ST
« on: 08:13 PM - 10/13/22 »
Whoever managed to test out Scorn today with different config, please share your experience, i'm eager to jump in the game without waiting for official ST and postponing playing due to that.

Game Support / Saints Row
« on: 05:19 AM - 08/26/22 »
For Saints Row new game currently I'm using existing ST what I found from the list on Xim "Saints Row 4" for Xbox One, maybe someone can suggest what in-game settings to use as the game has Left/Right Stick Deadzone set to "30" in settings.

Other that, game is playable with that ST fine.

Game Support / House Flippers?
« on: 10:51 PM - 06/30/22 »
Anyone tried House Flippers? just released in gamepass on Xbox  ;D

Game Support / Weird West ST
« on: 11:20 PM - 03/31/22 »
Seems like a perfect game to play with KB+Mouse, game is also on Gamepass, anyone tried using any ST that works well? Thanks!

Or maybe someone can suggest a ST that had similar gameplay mechanics, where your character is from Top and aiming is done in a line-way, like The Ascent

Game Support / Tiny Tina's Wonderlands ST
« on: 02:05 AM - 03/25/22 »
Anyone found good config for the game? Iím using BL 3 Series X config for now while official ST for the game is not yet out with suggested settings what was for BL3 but seems wobbly/weird.

Anyone got the game? Please share in-game settings and what do you use :)

Game Support / Dying Light 2 ST
« on: 04:10 AM - 02/04/22 »
Any suggestions on what to use while wait for actual ST?
I'm using Dying Light for Xbox currently.


Like a month ago every place, like Amazon.de, ebay, etc. Was full of Xim Apex, Im from EU and want to get another one, but I cant find any place, and all the ones that have it, sell it for 250-300, @#$%?

I have pretty nice config for Warzone on PS4/PS5, what is the easiest way to transfer and make copy to Series X?

Do I have to set everything again from 0? Can I simply connect Xim to Xbox and use PS4 Warzone config?

Thanks! :)

XIM APEX Discussions / PS5 unsupported games list
« on: 01:01 PM - 08/23/21 »
I wasnít been able to find such list, so decided to make one, maybe someone will find it useful.

Following PS5 versions of the game don't work with Xim & Third-party controller
Doom Eternal
Back 4 Blood
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Call Of Duty: Vanguard
Diablo II: Resurrected
Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut
Rainbow Six Siege
Sakura Swim Club
Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Battlefield 2042
Far Cry 6
Sakura Nova
World Of Tanks
GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition
Genshin Impact
Deep Rock Galactic
Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s
Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy
Destiny 2 Witch Queen
Horizon Forbidden West

Please post other games that you tried PS5 version of and they wouldnít work because of the DualSense requirement.

Hey everyone, so I had Xim Apex with my PS4 for a while and last year I sold it because of next-gen consoles coming and didnít know if they will be supported.

Yesterday I bought Xim Apex again when I randomly found out that Beta Firmware of Xim Apex supports next-gen consoles.

Currently I own both Playstation 5 (on what I game mostly) and Xbox Series X for X upcoming exclusives and Gamepass of course.

So my main question is: on what console should I game fps shooters?
I have Nacon Compact for Playstation 5 workaround and I do prefer that console more then Series X because most my friends game on PS systems, but as I have checked everyone claims that Series X ir future proof. Im interested in titles like:
Back 4 Blood;
Battlefield 2042;
Far Cry 6;
Other First person shooters.

So before buying following games, should I wait from Xim Team some tests to be done will or wonít these games work on Playstation 5 before doing any pre-orders? I understand that probably there wonít be any issues on Series X, but what about my main man Playstation 5?

Thank you and sorry if this is an ongoing question here.

Hey guys, maybe someone had played already BETA and share what xim config they used for the new game?
I'm planning to buy it, but hesitate to do now is because I know official XIM config will probably take some time after game will be released in October so maybe someone used some previous COD settings for XIM and they worked perfectly.

Thanks!  ;)

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