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Shared Configs / Rogue company xim-apex
« on: 08:21 AM - 04/08/22 »
Hey guys.
I know this Game is nearly death, but maybe some players are here who can share the best settings for Rogue Company.

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim 4 vs. Xim Apex
« on: 09:58 AM - 02/08/22 »
I hear a lot people saying that the the xim4 is, or feels better then the Apex.
I think the reason for this is the polling rate of the xim 4. Xim4 works only with 125hz. This polling rate give much more aimassist like on Apex 500/1000hz.
But now my question. When we put the polling rate on xim apex to 125hz, we have a delay of 8ms. This means for me that the xim4 always have a delay of 8ms, right?
Is 8ms playable or is it to much?
How big is the disadvantage to play with a delay of 8ms.
I mean this is 0.008 seconds.
Anybody here who play on 125hz?
Is it worth it to play with bigger delay for more aimassist?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Apex on Pc
« on: 04:17 AM - 02/07/22 »
Hey guys. I am on ps4 and I want to switch on pc. I play only Apex-Legends
Now I really often see that the good players stay on xim when they play on pc.
Is it really a bigger advantage then on console?
And if I want to play with xim on PC, what I need for this?
Can I play with ps4 controller or is it important to use a Xbox controller to set up the xim?

Shared Configs / Apex-legends s9
« on: 09:25 AM - 07/02/21 »
Hey friends I've got a question.
Iam searching for really good settings for season 9.
I saw an old video on YouTube an one guy wrote a comment that the best setting for this game is with sync slow.
Is anybody here who tried this and can share his experience and maybe the settings?
Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

General Discussion / Apex-legends Xim Translator
« on: 09:22 AM - 07/02/21 »
Hey guys! I

I just want to know if anybody knows what translator was actually in season 2?
Was it 4.1 or 4.2?
I asked because season 2 felt so much better then all the other seasons after.
I tried every setting on forum, YouTube and Facebook but i never felt so comfortable like in s2/s3.
Today I tried 4.1 with 7/6 ingame sense and it felt much better. Maybe somebody has good settings for 4.1/4.2 too. If someone has really good settings,feel free to share.

Shared Configs / Apex-legends Xim-apex ps4
« on: 06:35 PM - 02/07/21 »
Hey Friends.
Iam searching for a really good badass-setting for season 8.
I tried so many settings and Ballistic-curves.
But sometimes the AA ist to strong to get on the enemy.
So I searching for a setting that have a good smart AA and good mouse feeling.
Thx a lot.

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex-legends cheats with xim?
« on: 01:43 AM - 09/01/19 »
I'm sorry, my English is not the best but I have one question.
Is it possible to use cheats on xim-apex - ps4? I was wondering when I reading this.

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