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Beta / Downgrade Manager on IOS. No access to Testflight
« on: 07:12 PM - 09/13/19 »
So i want to use an advanced config but it requires a downgraded firmware/manager. Then i can update the software to convert the config build to the current releases.

The problem I face is I only have Apple stuff. Firmware is no issue, But Testflight only opens to a blank page that says i don't have any beta's available and a code redeem button, so i can't downgrade in there. How can I downgrade my manager on IOS so I don't keep getting paste errors?

Just received my XIM Apex and peripherals and Iíve been configuring for hours. I canít get a button assigned on my g502. Iíve enabled on board in G-hub, Iíve assigned a letter (L) to the DPI shift button where the thumb sits. I want to make that my ADS button. What am I missing?

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