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Feedback / A BIG Thank you to the XIM Team
« on: 04:06 PM - 09/29/21 »
Hey dear XIM Team,

usually Iím just lurking the forums but I need to get this off my chest.
I started playing with XIM Apex in 2019 and love it since.
The easy usage with the App is insane. The whole device is just so good!
A few days ago I was thinking about the huge amount of work  the DevĎs and Team put in this to get it to work and I was wondering if this is your full time job? OBsIV, antithesis, OD1N and so on? Im sorry if that is too personal.

A bit offtopic, but I was wondering what XIM actually meant (XBOX INPUT MACHINE) and found a 14 year old YouTube video from OBsIV where he played Halo 2 on a Xbox360 with a Wiimote - wow this is a long journey to where are we now with Apex and soon Nexus (really excited to see more of it). Also Im looking forward for a PS5 compatible XIM or Update and Iím 100% sure you guys will do everything to get it to work one time.

Keep up the good work and thanks for a the things youíve done and support in this forum for this long.

A big Fan from Germany.


Im pretty new to the xim community. I watched some interesting tutorials and everything is working ok with the recommended settings.

The biggest problem I have is for example in the Modern Warfare Alpha. WASD and everything is working fine. But for example if I try to jump with space, it often does not register the input, also my Sprint is von V. I wonít register often too.

Also if Iím aiming with the Mouse while pressing the right Button and aim up and down XIM flashes super red, is this normal?

Im using it on my PS4 Pro, XIM APEX, G502 and G910.

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