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Xim works good except aim assist mess me up sometime so I would like to try out some of your ballistic curve settings. Any recommendations?

XIM 4 Discussions / What's Apex legend?
« on: 12:47 AM - 02/26/19 »
Question might be silly, I've been away for awhile. I see this posted in xim4 section. So what is this apex legend about?
I'm trying to find the best setting for blops 4 any suggestion I can try?

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex vs xim4.
« on: 10:09 AM - 02/17/19 »
What's the difference? I already have xim4, would it be a upgrade?

Support / [RESOLVED] Need help please.
« on: 02:20 AM - 02/13/19 »
Haven't use xim for awhile cuz i gave up on  cod.decide to download  black ops 4, dug every thing out,once I set up everything it show I have 2 mouse?
Problem is The ps4 stick is working but not my mouse. I think I had the connection right, controller in port 3, mouse in 1 and keyboard in 2.
what am I doing wrong?

XIM 4 Discussions / Can't get it to connect with my phone.
« on: 01:18 AM - 03/10/16 »
Everything Is been fine until now. I can't get it to pair up with my Android, is there a new firmware I need to download, if it is which on is it?
It have a message say (communication mismatch -1)

XIM 4 Discussions / how do apply sm v2?
« on: 03:09 AM - 12/02/15 »
I try to update the latest firmware but in order to do that I need to do a factory reset?
how do I do a factory reset?
nothing work now please help.

XIM 4 Discussions / how exactly do i pair sony nav?
« on: 05:16 PM - 02/19/15 »
I've paired it before, it should just be plug in and work. the problem is my wife lost the ps3 controller so she had use the sony nav and now i cant get it to work with my xim4, it seems like its always paired with the ps3 Instead.
Do i have to unpair it with the ps3 first, i dont see that option anywhere and dont think i had to do that the first time.

General Discussion / need someone smart to answer this.
« on: 12:51 AM - 01/07/15 »
So the psn works fine, like psn, netflix everything. Except the friends list due to "nate type failed" when i test my internet connection. I didnt change anything in my modem this is the first time that happen,So could it be the psn?

General Discussion / ps back online?
« on: 12:53 AM - 12/29/14 »
I heard it was back sunday morning already, but i still cant get on. Any of u have any luck?
I sign out of ps network when it was still down and i cant get back on, but my friend who live 30 min from me got online no problem.

Support / [RESOLVED] how can i fix this.
« on: 02:25 AM - 12/21/14 »
Im sure is something easy, so my xim when i start it, the light sequence goes red, green blue really fast then dead. Or if i hold down the "p" button right after start, ill go to rainbow sequence. How can i change that back to normal?

General Discussion / cod aw unlocks.
« on: 12:48 AM - 12/10/14 »
So let say you accurately deleted a gear for xp, can u get it back later?

XIM 4 Discussions / change the shape of your mouse?
« on: 01:23 AM - 11/03/14 »
Been using the g502 for two months, very accurate sensor but the more i use it the less i like the shape, is almost perfect but just too thin. I saw a thread a while ago, theres  something like claydo you can shape it and attache it to your mouse and change the shape  of it. Can someone point me there i try search and didnt find it.
While im here, i have few question.
1. I hear alot about flawless sensor, does g502 use flawless sensor?
2. How does that clay stick to your mouse?

General Discussion / so game wont work without internet?
« on: 01:21 AM - 10/31/14 »
I remember the talk about how xbox1 wont work without internet before launch. I own ps4 and i cant play destiny because my internet is down. So is that what they meant by x1 wont work without internet?
Thats not why i choose ps4 btw, been playing ps since ps1, just want to know if thats what it was.

General Discussion / should i upgrade my suros regime?
« on: 06:25 PM - 10/26/14 »
im talking a about the focuse fire perk, it cause more damage but slower fire rate in return. I did that with the singin c and dont like it at all after the upgrade but dont know about the suros regime. Can i skip the first upgrade and still do the rest or should i do the upgrade?

Console does 16:9 wide screen, will it work with ultra wide 20:1 or is made for pc only?

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