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Game Support / PUBG (mechanic check)
« on: 04:09 AM - 05/30/22 »
Thank you for updating the ST

Has anyone tried the this out yet and can confirm if this is better than previous update?



I found my old XIM apex from year ago, USB head needs replacing which i can do at a local electronic store.

Once repaired and plugged in i am sure this will contain a earlier ST of PUBG how do i know what version i am running on?

i heard the earlier versions of PUBG were much better than version now?

So having the XIM for while, i have noticed these things are not built to last as the bit that connects into USB ( metal casing) after a while seems to come off completely and 2nd time this has happened.

i am looking into purchasing a third but have noticed you guys are not selling them on Amazon anymore? and i cannot find anywhere that it selling them apart from eBay where people are selling them for like 200 (sterling) which is way more than what i have paid?

Any help would be appreciated, just feel bit annoyed that second time its happened :(, product itself is great just feel its not made to last and eventually metal bit just falls off and breaks?



General Discussion / Fornite no build config?
« on: 05:17 AM - 04/07/22 »
Does anyone have a Fortnite no build config they could share? looking to get back into it now there is a no build mode just wondered if anyone has a good config for it?



Having played PUBG on XIM for about a year coming up to two years, i have decided that i will not be playing the game using a XIM adapter.

I have found that the aiming is really clunky and slow, the movement does not feel fluid and this really puts you at a disadvantage when you are moving around and aiming as crosshair does not line up always when you ADS.

Sometimes i will be shooting point blank at guy and bullets just wont register or the aiming just locks up and doesn't follow the target.

I know the game isn't greatly optimized for XIM and real shame, and one can only hope in future this will become fluid like other games in terms of aiming and moving.

Does anyone else have any issues like myself when playing the game? just interested to hear other peoples opinion.


i have had a little look at it on YouTube but not quiet understanding how it works and how it gives players an advantage over other players using normal controller (or modded) 

I know on the Xbox app for elite you can change curves and i believe you can do something similar with nexus, how is that customization with nexus different to Xbox app?

Very curious to try understand how this gives players an advantage, i play a lot of PUBG and thought of snapping on targets quicker does appeal to me but don't quiet understand it.

I have neve used a motion controller and does this really give you an edge over normal controllers?

Any feedback here would be greatly appreciated

From a clueless person!

Shared Configs / Does anyone have a good PUBG CONFIG?
« on: 10:45 AM - 03/17/22 »
Does anyone have a good PUBG CONFIG? i find the aiming really clunky and slow just looking for a good config that help this.

Appreciate any help here

XIM APEX Discussions / PUBG ANTI CHEAT Console
« on: 04:32 AM - 01/11/22 »
Hi all, anyone play PUBG here and heard rumours that there anti cheat they are rolling out on 12/01 when it goes free to play, will apparently detect strike pack Cronus and xim apex and will instantly ban people?

Heard this from few people now wanted to know if this was true or bs?

Shared Configs / Share your PUBG configs
« on: 10:25 AM - 12/21/21 »
Would it be possible if you guys who play PUBG could share you PUBG configs (XIM settings and in game)

I thought it would be a good idea to see what settings other people are using and to share feedback also, i believe this would help a lot of players like me who are unsure of best settings to use.

Technical Support / Is it possible to change my username?
« on: 04:56 AM - 07/07/21 »
Is it possible to change my username?

I would like to change to DD27 If possible?

 Is there a way to auto crouch when in ADS? so when i am down sight it auto crouches and when i release ADS i come out of crouch and if this can be toggled by an activation button?

General Discussion / Can you reduce recoil for PUBG
« on: 09:40 AM - 03/23/21 »
Hey everyone

I have been using a XIM apex and loving it so far, i plug PUBG a lot and just finding it hard to control recoil on certain guns. I have read few post where people have said ballistic curves can help or to change X/Y value

I am not quiet sure how this works and wondered if there is anything tailored to PUBG to help with recoil and if anyone has any experience with PUBG using XIM ?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Having issue with XIM manager
« on: 04:41 AM - 12/31/20 »
So having returned to XIM i noticed on the app there is some sort of new fearure where the ads and hip sensitivity is on one page and it doesnt give me an option for 3 dots to adjust curve settings etc is this an error with my xim ?
I have a screenshot also

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