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XIM 4 Discussions / Glorious model 0 issue
« on: 08:40 PM - 09/16/19 »
My xim4  register my mouse for then I move it and it disconnects from the manger.

Anyone have this problem and got it fixed ? 

Iíve been having a hard time trying to find a good decent settings for xim4 for apex legends. Iíve copy on ballistic curve from this forum but didnít help, idk if I should use boost or mess with the x/y ratios. I play with Razer deathadder elite so I read they have no in board memory so I can only play with the dpi default it comes with which are: 800dpi, 1.8k, 4.5k, 9k, and 16k. I didnít know about it until I purchase the mouse. My main problem is controlling recoil. So can someone suggest a good starting point with one of these dpi ? Thank you

So Iíve looked at a lot of post back in the 2017-2018 trying to fix this issues and Iíve tried everything including changing the cable, resetting the Xbox, factory reset the xim4, It just happen today. The past three weeks itís been fine until now. Iíve tried updating the xim4 and it says your xim is up to date, my manager is updated too.

Idk what to do. Can someone please help ? Iím just very irritated with this issue. Do I need a new Xbox controller ? I donít want to buy the xim apex since the xim4 is just perfect right now. So I donít see a need to upgrade. I just wanna fix this controller issue. Thank you !

XIM 4 Discussions / Need help on mouse
« on: 10:25 AM - 08/13/19 »
So today it barely started happening and that is when I play apex legends, and I use my mouse to move, whenever I move up, it brings up the menu for when you hold the (ping) button. I donít have a secondary key for it so idk how and when I have my xim app open (xim4) and I move my mouse up, it says ď(c) rShoulderĒ and when I hold the ping button, it actually shows the button Iím using for it. Anyways, how can this be fix ? It mess me up in gunfights

XIM 4 Discussions / My xim4
« on: 11:29 PM - 07/22/19 »
My xim4 has this problem where the hip settings in the manager is sync with ads. For example. Hip - 15.00 and ads - 1.00. My ads will still move as fast as my hip does. Iím trying to not make them sync. Anyone know how ?

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