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« on: 09:19 AM - 06/18/20 »
Calling all ow xbox players to post their current settings that work for them. Just trying to collect some data. I run both linear (with goodaimbuttankmain's curve) and expo. My current set up:
Linear w curve and 12k dpi
21 xim sens
12.85 aux w 250ms delay
In game settings:
Widow and Ana relative aim at 73.4 ashe 100.

Expo ramp w/12k dpi
4.5 xim
No curve
50 boost
In game:
25 aaw
Legacy mode on
Widow and Ana relative ads 73.4.

I'm ranked #33 with Widow and in the 300's with ashe but i still adjust sensitivity a lot. My widow is currently at 29% scoped crit and 55% scoped accuracy.

Game Support / Overwatch new patch
« on: 05:24 PM - 10/24/19 »
Obviously they fixed expo. We all have seen the stats and everything saying expo is the best thing for xim and mouse. Now we're at linear which im pleased with, but i know im only on linear because of the bug. Now that expo is fixed, how do we move forward? Isnt it only fair or right to create a overwatch (legacy) ST?

Shared Configs / Overwatch 4.4 ST
« on: 03:54 PM - 10/24/19 »
If anyone has a backup containing a profile on the old overwatch st 4.4. Could you please PM me. It would be very appreciated. I accidentally deleted all my previous profiles:(
Thanks in advanced!

Support / [Q/A] Overwatch 4.4 ST
« on: 03:05 PM - 10/24/19 »
Hey, mist thanks for getting linear into OW. I know its not possible to keep the new one anx use expo in game, but i need expo for some characters. Is there anyway to get 4.4 back on my xim? Id like to have both but if not i want to revert to the previous st then. How could i do so?

Shared Configs / Overwatch linear settings list!
« on: 12:27 PM - 10/24/19 »
lets get a good post going for everyones current linear ramp settings. With the stronger aim assist, sped up look mechanics and rough micromovement i think linear is great but we need to dial it in. Best way is to share.
My current set up:
OFF sync
60 xim sens
27.85 ads
No curve or boost

Ow in game:

Ive been runnin this set up for a couple weeks and had insane results.

Xim settings are:
4500 dpi - default sync
14 hip
6.31 aux (widow and ana)
70 sab
Ingame settings:
100 aa
55 aaw
60 aaei
0 smoothing
0 aei

XIM APEX Discussions / Xbox one vs ps4 xim settings
« on: 02:09 PM - 09/04/19 »
I dont know why no ever speaks on this, but with all settings posted and such, what is the difference between ps4 and xb1? If i use 10 hip sense on ps4 for a gaame is it the same sense for xbox one on the same game? The analogue sticks are very different in terms of movement and capabilities. Xbox one reaches more and has more flexibility so should the setting be decreased? Also, polling rate. 1000hz seems common for ps4 but i see a lot of 500hz on xb1. Can we get some more in depth explanation of fine tuning?

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