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XIM APEX Discussions / Any Evil Dead Config
« on: 10:25 AM - 05/15/22 »

anybody has a working Evil Dead Config?


since today, there is a new setting in the ALC

Target compensation type: PC or Standard

I tested it, but i didnt feel any different?!?
Anybody an idear what this is for?



i know that some of you have good connections to J2Kbr which is the manufacture of Titan Two.

I realy need help to get in contact with him.

I wrote in the forum, i wrote him a PM - no answer...:-(

Is here anybody who can get in conntact with him?!?

I need the install.exe for GTuner and Firmware for T2 - both Version (beta).

I made the update to - but after this update there is a problem with my configuration...

PLEASE! Anybody here who has a way to contact J2Kbr?`

Game Support / Bug in Apex Legends ST XBox 1.2
« on: 01:35 AM - 12/04/20 »

there is a Bug in the Apex Legends ST for XBox 1.2:


Press Homebutton on Controller brings you direct to the "Shut Down Console"-Screen (like you press the Homebutton longer).

Everything the same but test with XBox ST 1.1 : No Problem - it works perfect.

With 1.2 when you press the Homebutton on the Controller, it seems that, even you press it very short, he thinks you pressed it for a longer time... there for he opens the "Shut Down Console"-Screen.

This Problem only exists with 1.2
1.1 did not have this problem.

Maybe you can fix this?!?

If you press your assigned Key on the Keyboard (for the Homebutton) - it works like it should.
Bug is only when you press the Homebutton direct on the Controller.



i updated the ST and recreate the Config...

And: I realy hate the new ST...:-(

Stupied as i am: i deleted the old config...

Is there any way to get the old ST back?


Hardware Compatbility / Azeron-Question
« on: 08:23 AM - 07/25/20 »

I ordered a Azeron and want to use it on my PC and xBox (Xim).

Can anybody tell me which sense i have to configure for the Thumbstick in the Azeron-Software?

XIM APEX Discussions / How does FOV effect the Sens?
« on: 02:23 PM - 07/24/20 »

in Apex Legends for example, i am using 90 FOV.

When i change my FOV to 80 (for example) do i have to raise the sens of my Xim Apex (HIP & ADS) or do i have to lower the sens? Or have FOV no effect on sens?

Does anybody know? I think about it, but i am to stupid to find the right answer...


Shared Configs / How does FOV effects the Sens?
« on: 02:21 PM - 07/24/20 »

in Apex Legends for example, i am using 90 FOV.

When i change my FOV to 80 (for example) do i have to raise the sens of my Xim Apex (HIP & ADS) or do i have to lower the sens? Or has FOV no effect on Sens?

Does anybody know? I think about it, but i am to stupid to find the right answer...


XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Apex + T2 in Apex Legends
« on: 10:14 AM - 07/24/20 »

Short question:
Using a Titan Two with a Xim Apex in Apex Legends: is the T2 realy a „game-changer“ or just pimps it the gameplay a bit?
I had a bad feeling (not ordered one yet) about the T2, because i think it is more or less a cheating device... in addition to that, i dont wanne have one more device to configure...

Maybe anybody has tested that and can answer me my question...

Hi there,

I play Apex Legends sine Season 3, i am Level 280 and i feel that i can not get any better...:-(

I spend a lot of time finding my perfect Settings, but my record on kills in one game is 9.
My Damage-Record is 2300.
Normaly, i make about 1-3 kills in a round, sometimes more, sometimes less...

Now i have some questions and hope any of you better players can answer my that:

1. Do you think it is possible to get the 20kill- and 4k Dmg-Badge without using a Titan Two / cronus Zen?
I thought about to buy a Titan Two, but i dont wanne have another device i have to configure.
I addition to that, Titan Two is more or less a cheating device with his scripts and that stuff, so i have a bad feeling about that...
So i ask myself, if it is possible to get these 2 badges with only using a Xim Apex, even when i am allready Level 280 (which means i get in lobbys with level 500 predator-players)?

2. is here any pro-player (i mean a high-skilled player) who i willi g to coach me in the game? You should not do this for free, i am willing to send some money on that.
I need that, because i feel that i cant progress any more. I watched yt-vids, but it seems that that doesnt helped me...:-)

My language is german, but english is okay for me...
I am xBox - many players sayed, that Apex Legends on XBox is harder that on PS4, so i am happy thatcrossplay will come this year...

Maybe any of you can answer me 1 + 2...


Beta / Another feature request :-)
« on: 03:07 AM - 07/20/20 »

There is one more thing i would love to see in an update:

At the moment, you can setup an sense whichs counts for vertical and horizontal aiming.
With xy-ratio, you can separete these two to have a individual value on each of them.

But there is no option to setup an different aim for up and down aiming.

I would love to see a possibility to config, so that my mouse up has more sense then my mouse down...
This can be very helpfull for recoil controll.

Do you think that this is possible?

Beta / Suggestion for new Firmware feature
« on: 03:03 AM - 07/18/20 »

at the moment, you can trigger an Aux using one button.

I would like to see a possibility to trigger an Aux with 2 buttons.

Example 1: pressing Right mouse and left mouse together (or a+b or whatever) triggers an Aux.
Pressing left mouse alone (or right mouse alone) does nothing.

Example 2: pressing A triggers an Aux, pressing B triggers the same Aux.

Example 3: Joystick-mode of an Aux can only be activated with one button at the moment. To have the possibility to define 2 keys for joystick-mode would be good (joystick-mode should works when pressing A or B (not A+B - i dont need that).

Thats it - would be great if this would be possible in some of the next updates...:-)


My T2 will arrive at 15.07. and i want to prepare myself to use it...

Can anybody tell me what is the best Script for Apex Legends and where i can get it?
It doesnt matter if the script is free or pay - i am looking for the best script...



i want to use Xim Apex for M&K-"Transaltion" and i addition to that, i want to use a
Titan Two
Cronus Max
Cronus Zen
for the Scripting-Functions.

But, what is the Best to use with the Xim Apex?

I would use Xim Link, but i have a G13 and i read that the Joystick is not compatible with Xim Link and it would be used at a Key (and i want to use it as a joystick).

So anybody has experiance with these devices and can tell me what is the best to buy?


XIM APEX Discussions / FW-Update & Recreate-Question
« on: 03:14 AM - 03/10/20 »

short question (Xbox One X):

1. When i update to the newest BETA-FW (from the last Beta-FW), do i have to create my configs new?
2. Do i have to make a factory-reset befor or after a FW-Update?
3. In front of some of my configs (in XIM-Manager) is the word "Recreate" - does that mean that the ST there is a new ST and i have to recreate the config?
4. If there was a new ST, how do i know that i have to create a new config (maybe this is the answer of 2.)?


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