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Not sure what is going on. Xbox One S, Razer Deathadder 2013.

I set DPI / polling rate in Windows to 6400 DPI/1000.

In game sensitivity maxed out. Universal solider aim is off. XIM 4 settings are @ 40 for hip and ADS yet ADS is waaaaaay more sensitive and seems to not have an input lag where as hip does.

What's going on?

EDIT: So I can set hip to 1 and 500 and it makes zero difference. Am I missing something? Not my first XIM.

I am on the beta firmware to support the XB1S controller.  btw

EDIT2: So right click max sensitivity go way up. It's like hip is stuck on ads setting and ads setting is stuck on hip. Basically backwards in the game.

EDIT3: not all right clicks/ads are registering. Have tried 0ms and 200ms

EDIT4: Toggle for ADS is definitely broken. If I turn it off ADS works normal but I have to hold down the right mouse to ads.

Edit5: also in certain situations my character would be unable to sprint and stick like this.

I will be picking these up very soon. Just want to get something with a built in mic this time around instead of using a clip on mic like the AntLion which sounds amazing but having 2 cables was just annoying.

The Game Zero's are closed back and hearing your own voice is difficult. I was wondering how would I get my own voice to come through the headphones? Basically what Turtle Beaches do with their headphones and have the talk back feature which is really nice.

Also worth mentioning that I will using them with the Asus Essence STX which has a built in amp. Owned it previously and it's awesome. I'm guessing it will be on a software level that will allow me to mix in my own voice with game audio.

General Discussion / NVIDIA Titan X
« on: 05:03 PM - 03/09/15 »
I'm sure a few of you have heard about NVIDIA's new card the Titan X. I just found out today that the NVIDIAI CEO claimed that it will be faster than their previous dual GPU card the Titan Z. Also rumored is that the stock clock speed of the Titan X will be 1390Mhz which could explain why it's faster than the Titan Z.

General Discussion / NVIDIA Shield
« on: 06:54 PM - 03/07/15 »

For $199 I am VERY interested. For one I use Plex a lot and my current Plex Media Server is under powered. Core 2 Duo just ain't cutting for my BluRay rips. This comes with a Plex app preinstalled. Also I use a NAS and store all my movies and TV shows on there. Problem 1 solved.

Second reason I find this device amazing is I can stream all my local games from my computer to my Shield. I'm probably getting the new Titan X as I currently am not running an NVIDIA GPU.

Also NVIDIA's Grid streaming service does look interesting but I am worried about how much latency is actually there. NVIDIA engineer stated 150ms is the max they would tolerate. Also for the 1080 60FPS premium services 15Mbps is the minimum but 50Mbps is recommended.

Also its hard to tell how big it is from the picture but the NVIDIA conference where they unveiled it its really small. Like PS2 slim small.


Pretty excited about this. I loved Elysium and District 9. The Atmosphere he created in those movies looks absolutely perfect for an Aliens movie. Cannot wait for this!

Currently I'm using a Razer RGB keyboard. It works perfectly with the XIM4 zero issues. The thing I don't like about it is how wide it us. The macros, arrow keys and number pad are all pretty much useless to me.

I was looking for the Razer RGB Tournament edition but I guess they don't make that version just yet.

Ducky makes a Shine Mini that I've had my eye on ever since they announced them but I see now they have a "Year of the Horse" Edition which looks even more premium. Seems that all the Ducky keyboards work fine with the XIM as there are no drivers needed for the keyboard to work.

Also what switch would be like the Razers "Green" switch except a little more quiet?

So this doesn't make sense to me. Xbox One, Razer WidowMaker chroma.

Like I said he x button works perfectly for reloading, collecting materials, respawning, spawning the sparrow but for dismantling stuff it simply just doesn't do anything. I have to press x on the controller for it to work.

Ok so I guess things changed since when Obsiv originally announced the XIM 4 saying he would include a BT adapter with every XIM4. I just found this out today.

Will any BT 4.0 adapter work? It seems easier to find them then the 2.1 adapter.


Alright so I just picked these up from Best Buy yesterday even though they don't release till early November.

I know I know they are Turtle Beach's and don't sound NEARLY as good as a real set of headphones. If you came to this thread to tell me that please don't even comment. I know...

Anyway what is so special about these is that its the first headset on the Xbox One to have completely wireless chat. This is especially good because with use XIM'ers we don't have to worry about going through the controller for chat. It's all done through the USB receiver.

They retail for $229 and IMO they are definitely worth it if you hate having cables all over your desk like I do. I had a pair of DT990's, external amp, and an Astro mix amp all on my desk. Having to turn multiple things on and off all the time for me got extremely annoying. Wireless is the way to go for me.

I was thinking about this the other day even though the problem doesn't apply to me it still made me wonder.

For the XIM 5 (not sure if it would be even possible on the 4) why don't you implement some sort of web interface much like routers have. At that points its all about rendering a web page which every OS can do.

I'm thinking it would need to be WiFi capable (preferably) at this point as to assign an IP address and connect wirelessly to your home network without having to worry about networking cables.

Just thought I'd put it out there. Wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't already been mentioned before.

Being a huge Alien fan I tried my hardest not to get excited for this game. I thought for sure that it was going to be hyped up and then end up not delivering much like Colonial Marines.

Boy was I wrong. For Alien fans I would say this game is an easy 9.5/10 and a 9/10 for the average person. Alien fans will appreciate this games authenticity and love it that much more which is why I gave a higher score for the regular person vs an Alien fan. I even watched Alien last night and noticed even more similarities that I missed while playing the game. They really took their time with the game and it shows here.

I beat it in 3 days for a total play time of 15 hours on my Xbox One. I couldn't be more impressed.

Hardware Compatibility / Corsair K65 RGB
« on: 12:45 PM - 10/12/14 »
Anyone know if this works? I just picked it up to replace my Razer Widow Maker Ultimate.

Hardware Compatibility / What KVM switch to get?
« on: 06:53 PM - 10/06/14 »
I want to share my keyboard and mouse with my computer. I remember someone recommending a KVM switch on here not to long ago I just can't find the post.

I believe it was a Belkin.

General Discussion / What can run Plex to my TV?
« on: 07:04 AM - 10/02/14 »
Currently I'm using my PS4 to effectively stream movies off my Plex Server via the PS4 web browser. Not extremely smooth or issue free but for the most part it does a very good job.

I'm selling my PS4 and want to replace with with something that can stream movies from my Plex server to my TV.

Now what I'm wondering is if I can use Chromecast and cast it to my TV from my iPhone 6? If so does anyone have any experience with this?

I'm just wondering how well it can stream everything over WiFi. Router is only like 20 feet away.

General Discussion / Sennheiser G4ME Zero/One with XBO
« on: 03:11 PM - 09/25/14 »
I'm coming back to the XBO end of the year since now all my friends have it and I want to play Advanced Warfare with them.

I currently have DT 990's and an Antlion ModMic  which I absolutely love that I use on my PC. I used this setup with my Xbox One before back when it came out but I also had to use an Amp and Astro Mix Amp. IMO this was a pain in the @#$% to turn on and just in general mess with. I could never get it just right.

What I'm looking at getting for headphones is either the Sennheiser G4ME Zero or the One's. The Zero's are 150 Ohm's closed back while the One's are 50 Ohm open back. I prefer close back this time around (DT 990's are open) but not sure if it will be a PITA to drive the 150 Ohm Zero's.

Also if I purchase a Y adapter for the headphone/mic cables and plug into the controller chat adapter is it possible to get simulated surround sound?

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