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« on: 03:28 PM - 12/27/19 »
I honestly don't know if this was a fluke with the Xim Apex or my mouse, I was in mid game playing Rainbow Six Siege.I'm using the two side buttons of the mouse to lean. When I was in mid game my mouse stopped leaning. The xim was not responding to my mouse when I clicked my leaning buttons. I hurried up and unplugged it and replugged it back in to my xbox. The Xim still didnt pick up my leaning, It picked up everything else like my (shooting and ADS melee, sprint) but not the leaning.I had to leave the game in order to figure out what's going on.The Xim Manager didnt show any errors at all, All my settings where the same that I always run nothing reassigned to the mouse at all.I went into another match to see if would do to it again. So far it hasn't but I just need to know what happened so next time I can prepare myself. Just in case If I'm in a ranked game again. The Xim Apex noticed my equipment without no problems.I have not seen this before.I recently updated the to the newest verison.I also went into my pc settings for any updates on my equipment.

Does anyone know if the new Razer Basilisk Ultimate can connect to the xim apex? The reason why im asking this is because usually you have to have a USB to connect to the xim apex.A buddy of mine said that you can use wireless mouses on the xim apex. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is wireless . The DPI of this mouse is is 20,000 the highest hz 2.4. The resolution Accuracy is 99.6%,Razer said this mouse is compatible with PC/XBOX ONE ONLY.This mouse come with a charging dock.This mouse has 11 programable buttons. I wanted to know if the xim apex will notice this device in the manager and if the xim apex can handle that much DPI from the mouse, Plus if it effects xim apex game play in any way. Also if the xim apex manager can assign keybinds on the mouse since it has 11 buttons on the mouse?

is this mouse worth getting?  ???

Support / [Q/A] Xim sensitivity with game sensitivity
« on: 11:15 AM - 09/08/19 »
Iím trying to turn off my xim sensitivity and use my game sensitivity how can I do that? Is it possible

Support / [RESOLVED] XIM Apex : Mouse Movement Error
« on: 02:54 PM - 08/27/19 »
I'm having trouble... trying to fix this error with my mouse...I play the XIM Apex  on Rainbow Six Siege ( xbox one), I play a high and fast sensitivity , I only move with my wrist to turn around. I absolutely hate using my whole arm to swing around to try to aim at targets....The error is that ...I was playing in a match, In mid game when I turned around my mouse dropped is sensitivity and got stuck. Now Im having the issue of swinging my whole arm around just to turn. I have no idea how this happened. Everything on my XIM Apex Manager was the same config,That I always run.
I tried unplugging the Xim  and plugged it back into the xbox. Then I unpluged my mouse and plugged it back into the xbox. Same thing with keyboard and the xbox one controller.. nothing has changed still running slow. 
I updated several times the library in XIM Apex Manager.I also updated the XIM Apex to 20190819.I updated my Razer mouse and keyboard.I checked for updates for Xim Apex manager on test flight,Mine does not need a update because I already updated it to the latest version.

After updating, I plugged everything back into my xbox and loaded up Rainbow Six Siege. It went back to my original speed the first match .. but after that I Played a another match,the mouse went back down slower again. And much harder to move and control.I have resetted my console several times and still nothing.. I tried looking online for some answer on how and why this is happening. but I get nothing on this topic

 Does Any one know how to fix this issue?

Game: Rainbow Six Siege (XBOX ONE)

 Mouse:Razer Basilisk (DPI Max:16,000) I am running 5,550
 Mouse:Pulling Rate 1,000

XIM APEX manager is running 500 Hz

Razer Chroma Ornata Keyboard

Xim Apex HIP; 77.50

Support / [Q/A] Apex XIM Error of Mouse Translation
« on: 09:02 AM - 07/03/19 »
My Xim Apex is popping a error saying "your config's mouse translation is out of date. Config recreation is required to update to the latest' 
This is my first time seeing this error does any one know how to correct it?

I have restarted my xim apex and updating it to 5.0 update.
I have a razer bailisk mouse the  DPI is 16,000
I am running 5,500 for Rainbow six siege on xbox one
I have changed my mouse polling rate and still pops up the error.
I have updated my razer mouse and keyboard to make sure it wasn't out of date but the xim keeps popping up that error.

Every time I play the game my mouse is all over the place shaky and extremely to fast,
I dont know if it siege since the new update or what?
Please help!


 Rainbow Six Siege
Mouse polling:500

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