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General Discussion / Headset
« on: 05:23 AM - 09/12/11 »
Just having a look at some headsets to buy for my xbox and my XIM which is coming tomorrow. I was thinking of buying Tritton AX 720.

What headset would you guys recommend? Also i have a budget of 200$

XIM 3 Discussions / ADS
« on: 01:59 AM - 09/07/11 »
Just curious, (i don't have my XIM yet) but is it possible to set it so i dont have to hold down my right mouse button to ADS? I'm use to just clicking it once and it stays zoomed in, if you get me.

XIM 3 Discussions / Wired controller
« on: 03:31 AM - 09/05/11 »
Just curious, Considering you need a wired controller for the XIM i'm going to have to go out and buy one although since i have a xbox 360 slim does it matter if i get one of the old white wired controllers?

XIM 3 Discussions / Not sure
« on: 10:33 AM - 09/04/11 »
Hi, I've been watching some videos lately on you tube with people using the XIM3. With me being a long time PC gamer i was generally interested. I came too the website too check it out (prices & what not, Might i add shipping is hell expensive for me ;p)

Anyways i was just wondering if i could get your guys opinions on it, Was it really worth it in the long run? Do you still use it till this day? Also does it matter what mouse i'm using? I have the @#$% Razer Abyssus

Majority of the reason behind me actually buying one would be for MW3, GoW 2/3, Halo.

Thanks in advance.

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