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My navi is about at the end of its life and i was wondering what alternatives people are using with good results? Iíve literally never used a keyboard for gaming (and donít really want to) either but i know there are some other devices people use and wanted her a recommendation?

Shared Configs / Rainbow 6 Siege request
« on: 03:04 AM - 12/20/21 »
Iím going to get back into siege, and because itís a game Where the settings seem to change drastically quite often, I was wondering if anybody could recommend a Settings/set up? Also, is it still necessary to tweak in the game settings to get it optimised?

 cheers and Merry Christmas everyone

Itís a pretty huge bug as far as potential goesÖ itís also the most useful bug I think Iíve ever seen in a long time so I thought I should share wit with fellow gamers on here

Do you find smoke in BF2042 annoying? Whether itís from an actual smoke grenade or just from the tank shell you fired at an enemy 50 feet from you. Hit ĎOptionsí on PS4 (whatever brings up the pause  menu  you on your platform) then just move right to highlight the Collections menu and unpause. Takes less than a second and the air is perfectly clear. Hereís a ten second video showing it..

Iíve run into this before, and Iím wondering if the console & PC games are setup differentlyÖ

Basically I canít use a mouse (& navi) to fly any aircraft to save my @#$% life 😁 Ö Iím constantly needing to reset the mouse on the mousepad because of the way a mouse only registers when moving and Iím wondering:- Does this mean on PC thatís just what you have to do or are the games Ďsetupí differently to kind of help with this?   

I know thereís the Turn assist option but it doesnít work for me tbh.. this is one area that I think any advantage with a mouse is negated by the difficulty of not going straight into the ground like a f*%ing lawn dart 😂

Anyone had any luck with this issue or is it just a case of putting the time in to git gud ?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Nexus & ps5
« on: 06:58 PM - 10/15/21 »
I imagine i'm a bit late to the party with this but what's the situation re nexus ps5 use?

I came across an odd thing while playing, I unplugged my ds4 and plugged in my sony gold headphones to charge them, and i was able to keep playing (using mouse etc) as though my ds4 was still connected to the hub, it also didnít blink yellow. After 10-15 minutes the cord fell out of the headphones and then it stopped..

General Discussion / Why do you use a Xim? A quick poll
« on: 06:39 PM - 07/15/21 »
I'm curious about the breakdown of users, particularly how many of us xim because of physical/accessibility issues..
I'm pretty sure voting is anonymous, if it isn't let me know

This is a decent breakdown of Apex Legends netcode. I knew it wasnít great, but.. well itís pretty bad & probably explains a lot

Game Support / BFV & ✈️ flying controls with a mouse
« on: 02:28 PM - 05/21/21 »
OK I could use some help here, because iím not getting anywhere

This is for BFV but could apply to other games..

I canít find a way to setup the stick layout for aerial/planes that works for me with mouse .. Iíve played around with Legacy, Southpaw etc and iím wondering if thereís some kind of tricks anyone knows to help stop me crashing so hard lol

Iím using a navi if it matters..

This has been an ongoing thing, and iím wondering if anyone else has experienced it..

Randomly (and usually at the worst times) my controls will just Ďgo nutsí and iíll start moving in a random direction. Iím still able to override it but it i let go of my nav iíll just go back to moving in that direction.

Nothing shows up on the app in terms of inputs, and this has happened over multiple firmware versions & with two nav cables (which are mini usb rather than micro, & arenít usually as fragile as micros) BUT iím wondering if the nav is disconnecting & re-connecting or something odd.. is there any way i can monitor/log this?

Game Support / SAB behaviour
« on: 09:00 PM - 05/02/21 »
Does SAB (simulate analogue behaviour) make the signal ramp up 0-100%? and it it does how long does it take to get to 100%? And finally if that is the case, is there any way to change the timeframe it works over?

Shared Configs / Saving you time re old Apex Legends stís
« on: 03:13 PM - 04/26/21 »
Bow before my range of STís mortals!

It was a bit of a pain but i managed to get all 3 of the ps4 Apex Legends STís on my xim apex so I could compare some stuff between them instantly, I donít know about other people but i need to swap back and forth without waiting in between or i canít tell exactly what is different sometimes.

Doing it this way I noticed a much larger difference between st2 & st3 than i thought i would have, tbh i thought a lot of how people said st2 felt better could be a bit of a placebo lol but I see where people are coming from.
Itís not a case of me just being more used to it either, iíve havenít used st2 since st3 came out.

St2 feels better than ST3 without doubt, but I never had a problem with st3 up until i could try it side by side with st2, so whether itíll help your gameplay i couldnít say.

I also canít describe exactly what it is that feels better/worse between them, itís .. just different..

Donít waste your time tracking down ST1, it just feels worse all round.

FINAL NOTE: I canít give you this setup, itís not like a setup copy/paste because it depends on what st you have in your xim, the link below is Obs1vs guide on how this works.
I also donít have a ximmr file with st2 in it, but someone else might.


Hardware Compatbility / Razer hydra
« on: 12:44 AM - 12/11/20 »
Iíve only just become aware of this gizmo despite it being out for a while now, which makes my think it may not be too great. Even searching itís name on here only seems to net a few questions about compatibility so I thought Iíd throw out a question:
Is anyone here using a Razer hydra with a xim apex, and if they are does it work well? Can you use all its features? I was thinking if itís for PC does it still have onboard memory or is a case of needing razer software running simultaneously for it to work at full potential? Cos that can sure kill a piece of hardwares usability on a xim


PS can somebody PLEASE explain how to embed an Imgur link so you can see it here without having to follow the link? I seem to be incapable of doint it xD

I've noticed when powering everything up, my mouse (basilisk v2) only turns on once the XIM apex does it's green flashes when it's found the DS4 & is all happy, if it doesn't find the DS4 the mouse doesn't turn on (actually it does really rarely)
Anyway the problem I'm having is that randomly my mouse just shuts off. I'm 99% It's not an under-power issue cos I've got a power adapter for the Xim hub that works well, and there's never any of the warning flashing the apex does when it's overloaded either.
When it happens plugging the mouse in/out does nothing, even if i try the middle port (which is usually free cos I use a navi) I have to power cycle the xim and it starts up fine. I'm pretty sure it's not the mouse either cos I changed it for my g502 and the problem persists. It happens no more often than once every 5 or 6 hours, roughly. So does anyone have any ideas to try? Does the xim actually switch on the ports in the hub when it wants to? Makes sense I guess cos  it has to be the actual xim usb hub we use..

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