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After playing for about 10-20 seconds, sometimes even less, the keyboard loses power, and no new inputs are sent to the console. If any existing keys were held down while the keyboard lost power, they become stuck until the keyboard is reconnected.

Have tried disabling LEDs on the keyboard since it was suggested that it may be a power related issue, which in SOME cases does seem to make it last a little bit longer (maybe an extra 15 seconds), but still loses power after. There are no yellow indicators on the XIM APEX when it loses power. The keyboard is the Massdrop Ctrl, and works fine normally. I have tried using a powered USB hub also, which does not resolve the issue.

The issue also doesn't exist with the use of another keyboard, but I really like this keyboard and want to be able to use it through the XIM, and not another keyboard. The mouse continues to work fine after the keyboard loses power.

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