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XIM APEX Discussions / Logitech scripts
« on: 09:58 AM - 12/15/21 »
Does anyone know if the Logitech or any scripts run on the mouse itself for recoil will work with a xim apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / Config going bad?
« on: 01:58 PM - 08/03/21 »
I noticed lately that I was having trouble keeping on target. Aim was all over the place and buttons were sluggish. I deleted the config and made a new one and all seems to be working pretty good.   Do the Apex's need to be wiped and reloaded occasionally? Or is re-creating the config a thing with these?

Game Support / Xbox One BF5 network graph
« on: 02:59 PM - 04/30/20 »
In my search for the elusive holy grail of BFV in-game settings that will get the aim  I used to have, I started using the network graph to see if that would tell me anything.  I found the following: Client Hit 227   Server Hit 190    Tick Rate 30   Latency 35. Should I be concerned about the client hit to server hit ratio?  Still trying to find those game settings that will get me playing like I was before.   Also  opponent tick rate difference climbed from 0-20-26 etc through the fight. I also notice in some cases I was doing as much as 150 damage and still not getting the kill.  Is all this normal to BF5? 

Game Support / Been all through this forum about BFV
« on: 11:01 PM - 04/05/20 »
Are there settings that will slow down the game?   This last patch sped things up on me and now I just feel like I have no time at all to shoot.  Aim feels like mush in hip fire now too.  Tried everything I could find on the net with no luck. I think I am making progress but it likes settings don't hold.

General Discussion / Is my XIM apex going bad?
« on: 03:13 PM - 03/10/20 »
BFV just put out a patch that may have totally messed up my game. But now I'm wondering if it might be my apex going bad.   Can't hit anything. Can't keep the sights on a target anymore and every so often controls won't respond. 

Game Support / Desperate!
« on: 02:20 PM - 04/12/19 »
Hey all!   Long time pc gamer trying to get my XboxOneS legs under me to play with my kids and friends. When I say long time, I mean 18 yrs or so ago in BF42 leagues. Haven't gamed in years. I can't figure this thing out!  All kinds of problems.  I can't get my apex firmware updated past 5.00.20180501. I noticed some of the configs I want to try require a different (newer?) version to paste. I don't think I even have all the latest settings available.  I can't get XIM Manager to connect to my apex from the pc. I think I can do this from my phone. I've looked through the tutorials here and abroad with no luck. I've been at this for almost a month. It is possible I'm too stupid to grasp all this. :)  Any help would be appreciated.

I'm trying to play BFV and Apex Legends. So far I'm all over the place with my shots, trouble getting key bindings to work for inventory and weapon switching. My gear is an old N52 speed pad and a new Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse, cloth mousepad if that matters.  It all works for the most part. But if feels like I'm driving a bus when it comes to aiming. Please help! I'm not even sure where to start at this point. I guess it would be the firmware and maybe the manager. Then I'm hoping I can paste a decent config? I tried emailing a config to my phone and copying. When I try to paste in xim manager it just says error.

Thanks!  Sorry to be such a noob.

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