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XIM APEX Discussions / Push to talk PS4
« on: 07:58 PM - 01/28/19 »
I'm trying to use PS4 Push To Talk feature. I noticed it only works when. I'm in party chat or testing my mic in the menu, however for games like Overwatch or CoD Blackout it doesn't work unless in party chat. While OW has PTT, most games don't. If you test it, you won't see the icon light up in games that have in game chat.

Yes I've managed to connect a Blue Yeti USB mic to the PS4 Wired controller via 3.5mm and am getting both chat sound and and able input mic via 3.5mm so it should work. I tested with a modmic as well. No go still.

So with games like Fortnite you need to toggle for crouch rather then press = crouch and unpresss= stand. Is there any way we can add functionality for simulating this behavior?

I have found these to both work well with the connection to PS4 from XIM 4 as well as the controller to xim 4 for quick connect/disconnect. I bought it specifically for the controller to xim and from xim to PS4 because when unplugging the controller, reconnecting the controller means I have to restart xim. This allows me to quickly unplug and plug the xim back in under my desk rather then me have to crawl under to find the micro USB slot.

No noticeable difference in ms or input "lag" between a regular micro USB vs magnetic. At least not with this particular product.

So I was told that would not be a good setup, but I have hooked up the to an IOGear USB 3.0 switch, and a 4 port HDMI splitter on top of a ElGato HD60S capture card.

I don't really see any noticeable differences in twitch gaming.  The only reason I'm investigating mutliple setups is because I want to use my HDMI splitter in conjunction with my PC/capture card to allow PS4 to display on all 3 of my monitors. Above that, I don't like connecting and reconnecting cables to provide transitioning between PC/PS4.

Why is everyone saying there's delay? The USB 3.0 interfaces provide literally none.

Hardware Compatibility / Logitech G900?
« on: 05:11 PM - 09/22/16 »
Does the Xim4 support it officially yet?  Last I heard via search they were going to add compatibility, but I haven't heard anything since.

XIM 4 Discussions / New, good Xim 4 setup?
« on: 11:15 PM - 05/22/16 »
So I've been around a while, but still sort of new. I used earlier Xim version, but I'm new to this one and haven't gamed for a while.  I'm looking at some accessories for my Xim. I need a mouse, keyboard or nunchuck like stick, a DAC ,and whatever else accompanies them.

This is what I'm looking at
-Logitech G502
-PS stick or maybe a good keyboard?
-audiophile headphones or headset with mic. I don't mind getting a modmic if I have to. Whichever is better (ie gaming headset or modmic + audiophile headphones)
-soundblaster x7 w/ WT-BT transceiver AND mixamp pro tr
-toslink - any suggestions?
-titanone or cronusmaxplus (or should I wait for t2)

Is there anything better or what does everyone recommend? Did I miss anything?  I want the best, but won't pay more than the X7.

I was also wondering if there is any adapter that is driverless that can connect to the xim4 via wireless BT so the controller can pair to it and it doesn't need to be plugged in.

Also if i use a keyboard, is there a device or hub that wirelessly does a switch to allow me to type with a given set of hotkeys?

Hardware Compatibility / Blueooth possibility...?
« on: 07:27 PM - 08/25/11 »
There are these two products I've done research on, both that require a PC for initial setup for bluetooth ports with NO drivers required.  They both have a built in OS/onboard memory and subsequent setting up the ports, the devices are both paired to your specific bluetooth device(s).  I was wondering if you think they might work for bluetooth keyboards, mouses, and the PS3 Navigation controller.

That would be bad @#$%.


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