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Hey y'all I've seen a discussion for the UK but nothing for the US I am looking for a clan of like minded Ximmers to play Destiny 2 with on the XBOX ONE. I've hit the end game plateau sitting at 273 power atm. Would like to look into finding a group to start doing the raids, trials of the nine and maybe some pub stomping to kill some time. Anyways hit me up my GT is IceMan40.

Beta / Anyone using XIM with Watch Dogs
« on: 01:14 PM - 05/28/14 »
Hey there y'all. Wondering if anyone has attempted using the XIM Edge or XIM4E with Watch Dogs. If so what ST are you using and do you modify the Ballistics Curve. Any suggestion for setting up a config would be greatly appreciated.


Beta / XIM4E Driver not installing.
« on: 11:05 AM - 02/09/14 »
Is a driver suppose to install with the XIM4E when we connect to PC via BT. I am getting an error that says driver not installed. It seems connecting via Bluetooth is also hit or miss on the PC. I have to remove the device and reconnect the device in order for the XIM4E app to recognize the device on the PC. A little weird. Just curious if it could be a problem that is caused because the driver is not getting installed onto my PC. I have another issue with the XIM4E not authenticating on the 360 but I am trying to resolve that issue thru Alans thread.

Beta / XIM4 - IPhone (iOS) App Discussion
« on: 11:35 AM - 02/03/14 »
Since we are getting close to the XIM4E Beta I figured I'd start this thread for the many folks who have an IPhone and are wondering the status/updated info on where the App for the IPhone stands. I have consistently checked the forums for updated info on this feature and can't seem to find any concrete information.

From my impressions the Iphone app is on the back burner and we will be required to buy an android devices if we wish to use a wireless phone size screen until the IPhone is supported. Other option is to connect the XIM4E, and future XIM4, wirelessly to a PC via bluetooth to make your updates/create profiles.

Currently, I could not find any information as to when support of the IPhone is targeted. If I can dig up any more info on this topic I will post here. If you have more information to share please do.

Not sure if this was ever brought up for the XIM3. But I was curious if this was feasible or even possble to do.

When the G13 boots up we see the XIM logo on the G13 screen. Would there be a way to have the display show what Profile is loaded like a simple text display (maybe character limited)? The colors begin to blend when you max out the usuable configurations. Anyways it is just a thought, figured I would put it out there for discussion.

Hey I was thinking this morning the EDGE works great when in the XBOX controller setup and works fine on the PS3 in the XBOX controller setup with GTMax Adapter. Obviously, I still get initialization errors when trying to connect via the PS3 controller setup.

So I was thinking, since the EDGE works with the XBOX controller setup is there a way to have it authenticate without the PS3 controller (and vice versa). In other words, the GTMax Adapter authenticates for me so why not let the EDGE do the same. Would be nice for those folks that have both PS3 and XBOX and switch back and forth to not have to swap out controllers for each system and would reduce the chances of damage to the ports from the constant controller swapping. Just a thought!


I have been meaning to note that the EDGE works fine for me on XBOX. However I have to have the EDGE start up without the G13 plugged in. Once the Controller initializes and everything is all stable I am able to plug the G13 and everything work fine (Note: This was the same procedure I had to go through when connecting to the PS3 with the GTMax). Initializing from a dead state on XBOX with the G13 plugged in seems to be having difficulty and I get the triple yellow flash. It isn't a big deal for me to have the EDGE intialize with controller only and then plugging my M/K in. But figured I should post in case others experience this in the future.

Oh and if you are curious if I have tried the initializing thing with the PS3 controller only. I have! PS3 Controller/EDGE connection is as it always is.

Release Candidates / XIMEdgeManager Error on Open?
« on: 05:43 AM - 05/29/12 »
I am trying to open the EDGE Manager on my work computer which has Windows XP SP3 on it. I keep getting this error and cannot figure out how to install the required component.

XIMEdgeManager - 20120527.exe - Unable To Locate Component

This application  has failed to start because WINUSB.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

If anyone knows how I can fix this please let me know I have been google'ing this quite a bit trying to find the WINUSB.dll for download and am not finding any credible place to get it.

Release Candidates / EDGE won't connect to PS3?
« on: 10:36 AM - 05/26/12 »
Everytime I try to connect the edge to the PS3 the light flashes red everything powers up (my G13 and Razer Naga) then the everything shuts off. I cannot seem to get the EDGE to connect to the PS3. I have the PS3 wired with the mini usb to usb 2.0 cable. Is there a hard wired controller I am supposed to use? What am I doing wrong?

I noticed this feature is gone form the XIM Edge manager. This was a very useful feature on the PC app for creating new configurations. Is this a feature that was purposely left out.

XIM EDGE Discussions / Starhawk
« on: 11:16 AM - 05/23/12 »
Any of those alpha, beta or pre-release users had a chance to test this game out. I am tempted to buy it but was curious how the vehicle controls are. Is is like all the other games where vehicles are involved and I am going to have to use a switcher. Since we have PS3 support through EDGE I am curious what the opinions of the game were from the limited number of EDGE users out there and how well the look mechincs are executed using the EDGE. Also how is the game is in general.

Hey not sure if I am right on this but do you have to hold a third-party license agreement in order to be able to use the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 Trademarks on the Home Page. And somewhere wouldn't there be a disclaimer that the trademarks are used under license.

I just bring this up because I wouldn't want to see XIM get hit by Sony or Microsoft for breaking trademark laws. I think the home page looks sweet. Just want to make sure my favorite device doesn't get hit by some crazy lawsuit.

XIM EDGE Discussions / XIM Edge Pre-purchase Program?
« on: 06:27 AM - 05/01/12 »

Have you thought about implementing a prepurchase program. I'm sure many people here would pre-order the device to ensure they could get it day one. Not to mention by people pre-ordering you get the benefit of the "cost of cash". This will also allow you additional financial resources to ensure a larger supply for day one release.

Another idea could be a poll to see how many people will buy day one or within the production period to ensure you will have the supply to meet the demand. With the price being under $100 and PS3 support I see the demand being pretty high for this.

Just some thoughts. I'm sure you have CFO who thinks of all of this sort of stuff.

General Discussion / ELITE Says Clan Operations Are Live
« on: 04:26 PM - 02/21/12 »
Was just perusing the Elite website and from what I ready it appears clan operations are live. Looks like its time to start leveling our clans.

Hey all,

Just curious what others like to jam out to when they aren't sound whoring in MW3. I have been a fan of Nostalgia's The Hero as of late. I guess you can call it my omage to Zelda I guess.

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