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Shared Configs / modern warfare config
« on: 03:11 PM - 04/07/20 »
Had been struggling for awhile to find a good config was changing and trying out new settings left and right and Iíve been stuck on this config and loving it so Iím deciding to share it

Razer Viper Ultimate
20,000 dpi

In game:
20 20
Standard aim assist
Standard curve
1.0 multiplier (1.30 feels too sticky)

Common sync
Hip 2.00 ads 1.00

Everything else is default feel free to let me know if thereís anything else I should try and if you like this config of not

XIM APEX Discussions / Am I doing something wrong?
« on: 11:43 AM - 03/26/20 »
I used to use my Razer Viper ultimate dock plugged straight into the dock after forgetting to leave my Xbox on to charge my mouse numerous times I now plug it into a separate power source my problem is that now my mouse doesnít work unless I unplug and replug in the dongle it didnít have this problem when I had it in the dock am I doing something wrong or must I continuously unplug and replug??

Game Support / New micro movements update (fortnite)
« on: 10:32 PM - 03/08/20 »
I was thinking it was placebo but it feels so much better ggs xim team

Game Support / Having fortnite problems??
« on: 07:17 PM - 03/04/20 »
The reason everyone likes legacy is bc it doesnít provide any aim assist until you aim down sight correct?? people who donít like the new expo settings donít like it because aim assist is too strong? Has anyone tried lowering the aim assist via the in game setting?? I feel like a value of around 85% makes using the new st loads better. Let me know if youíve tried any other valuesand if you try it for yourself and like it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Razer Viper Ultimate question
« on: 02:49 PM - 02/28/20 »
What dpi and hz are you guys using? Is 20k dpi too much? Any pointers are appreciated.

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim bypass feature?
« on: 05:09 PM - 02/24/20 »
Is there any feature that will allow me to bypass the xim with the push of a button? Iím just trying to see if thereís a way to use my keyboard to type without having to disconnect my xim?

XIM APEX Discussions / 500hz to 1000hz question
« on: 01:25 PM - 02/11/20 »
When going from 500 to 1000 on off sync you need to double your sens for it to feel the same, I used 1 smoothing on 500 would I use 2 on 1000? Also do any other settings have to be doubled?

XIM APEX Discussions / R6 leaning question
« on: 07:09 PM - 01/29/20 »
Iím trying to change my leaning keys to a and d on my keyboard the only problem is if Iím already leaned on a corner you canít peak out farther bc you cancel your lean so what Iím asking is there anyway to make it when I tap the key to move it wonít lean only if I hold it??

XIM APEX Discussions / 12k or 16k dpi???
« on: 04:50 AM - 12/27/19 »
Just post below anything that youíve found good or bad about either dpi values ...canít decide which I like better ..to anyone that has anything to say thanks in advance

Game Support / COD:MW new look mechanic??
« on: 06:37 PM - 12/11/19 »
Am I tripping or has something changed with the ads transition in game????

(Disclaimer this does not work for all 8 slots only 4) set up an auxiliary and set the activation as middle mouse and set delay to 200ms set aim sens to 0.00 then uncheck inherit and click the three dots under movement and set right stick to scroll up (up) scroll down (down) front mouse button (left) back mouse button (right) finally make middle mouse d-pad up now you can hold down your mouse button and easily select emotes.. make a second identical config and use d pad right for killstreaks (reminder to uncheck scroll wheel and side buttons in auxiliary if necessary)

Hardware Compatbility / Razer viper ultimate
« on: 08:47 PM - 11/28/19 »
Does this mouse have built in smoothing like the deathadder? Also could I use it wirelessly with the Apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / PSA (deathadder owners)
« on: 10:32 AM - 11/26/19 »
I feel so dumbfounded that Iíve been using max dpi with the razer deathadder if you didnít know past 3000 dpi a @#$% ton of smoothing is added and it gives you horrible input delay just testing it out in terrorist hunt I can feel my ads time literally cut in half... if you were like me and using 16k dpi please just try 1600 and I promise you will feel the difference

XIM APEX Discussions / Off sync
« on: 06:13 PM - 11/18/19 »
Can someone please explain the difference between off sync and default also would off sync be better for games with no aim assist like R6

Game Support / R6 sync question
« on: 05:43 PM - 11/16/19 »
A lot of people recommend off sync for R6, after some research I tried it out and it feels really consistent with mouse flicks... my question is whatís the real difference between default sync and off sync??? Canít really find anything straight forward pls help, thanks in advance.

I went from 16 hip 12 ads on default to 100 hip and 80 ads on off sync lmk if that sounds about right I donít know the default to off conversion

Edit: I found out youíre supposed to multiply x8 from default to off sync trying 128 hip and 96 ads now

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