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General Discussion / Xbox Xim players who play Bo4/R6S LFG
« on: 04:25 PM - 04/25/19 »
Hey everyone! Been around here for a while lurking, finally feel comfortable enough to ask and see if anyone wants to play some CoD/R6S. I am in the western USA, have a mic (don't talk much though), and am tired of people freaking out/getting angry over gamechat because they can hear my keyboard clackin away.

I miss being a team player and communicating, maybe some other Xim users feel the same or have a group they already play with that wouldn't mind another addition?

On Bo4 I am pushing lev900 with a ~4 w/l 3 k/d as a solo player so I can hold my own. I prefer if you can atleast hold your own in gunfights as well, or atleast be willing to work with/learn with me!

On R6S, I actually just bought it during Xbox's spring sale. So I am pretty clueless, though my mechanical skill from CoD transfers over fairly well it seems, and the hours of videos on YT i've watched help a bit. Full disclaimer though- i'm still a full blown noob, I can just aim atleast. Am willing and eager to learn though :)

I guess the point of this post is to 1: See if there are any USA players here on Xbox who wanna party up for some Bo4/R6S (Or other popular games-feel free to comment as necessary)

And 2: See if maybe there is a better spot to find people who use Xim and want to play somewhat seriously (no tourneys/GB's, just to win) ...or don't mind Xim users, my KB has blue switches so there's really no hiding that.

Thanks for reading, and thanks im advance for any info. I've been loving this community lately, figure a Xim team wouldn't be a bad thing to get going. Maybe even a discord to post LFG's in?

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