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Feedback / UAC compliance
« on: 12:38 PM - 12/30/13 »
Xim edge manager needs to be run as admin for it to connect to the device- I suggest that you either just have the manager request elevation, or try to program it in a way that doesn't require administrative privileges.

I was very confused when the manager kept freezing whenever I tried to connect to the edge!


Feedback / My Compatibility List
« on: 07:26 PM - 08/20/11 »
Hey; just got my XIM3 today; very happy to have this. I noticed the official compatibility list is a bit sparse, so I thought I'd help fill it out a bit; I don't know where else to submit this. I haven't had the chance to test all my hardware, but I'll edit this post as I go.

Logitech K750; Works!
Razer Onza Tournament Edition; Functions as the wired 360 controller (I was under the impression a standard 360 controller was required- if I get my hands on another wired controller I'll see if I can't get the Onza to be a re-mappable joystick)

Razer Orochi (USB mode); Works!
Logitech G19; Untested
PS3 Controller (USB mode); Works!
PS3 Navigation Controller (USB mode)

Is it even possible to use the PS3/360 as target devices for mapping? I'll be testing that regardless of what people say, but at least the 360 controllers should be able to since I believe the XIM3 has support for USB joysticks (and the 360's is standard, afaik. PS3 isn't methinks...) PS3 controller works

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