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Hey guys,

I've been using the G Pro Wireless for the past year and I've found the best way of cutting through aim assist is by using the max DPI, 16k, across various games. However, recently the right button started malfunctioning - can't expect too much from a 150 euro mouse, right - and I had to switch to my Razer Deathadder Elite and set this to 16k as well.

However.. I suddenly struggled quite much with cutting through the aim assist bubble and was really frustrated, until I tried 1800 DPI and it felt much smoother in regards to the aim assist. This quite frankly confuses me greatly as most documentation on the forums and Youtube agrees that the higher the DPI, the lesser aim assist you get. To make sure it was not related to one game, I tried it in MW, BO4 and BF4 and I keep getting the same results.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? I am suddenly even beginning to think MJFAME was on to something with his quest for the native DPI! Or is this all in my head and should more DPI always equal less aim assist?

Hey guys,

Although it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes, as per this Reddit post, they added a new option for the PC build of Modern Warfare:
"Scale aim assist with FOV"

I actually don't play on PC myself but I seem to remember several posts about the inconsistencies with aim assist on PC. Perhaps this can improve things, I am genuinely curious about feedback regarding this option!

(on an unrelated note, there were several controller and keyboard / mouse fixes, perhaps we can hope someday for the ADS to hip transition bug to be resolved..)

Hey guys,

I used to play BFV a lot and had a sensitivity toned down I was really satisfied with. Unfortunately an update a few months ago changed sensitivities and with the recent 5.2 update, the aim assist slowdown option ('zoom snap') was also enabled for multiplayer.

I used to run a basic default 4k DPI setting but the aim assist is a struggle sometimes, even with the slowdown option set to 0 so contemplating using off sync and high DPI..

Anyone still playing the game willing to share what DPI, sync and aim assist settings they are using? That would be most appreciated! So many options..


XIM APEX Discussions / Off-sync on 3200 DPI a good idea?
« on: 03:55 PM - 03/09/19 »
Hey guys, I recently bought a XIM Apex and I'm loving it! I am still finetuning my setup though and I have read a lot of topics regarding DPI, synchronisation settings and sensitivities but I am still doubting a bit. I use an Zowie FK2 mouse (and a cloth mousepad) due to it feeling way better in my hand than my DeathAdder Elite, but this means I am limited to 3200 DPI.

When I use the default sync option, it means my XIM sensitivity is somewhere between 15 - 40 depending on the game, which seems fine. However, a lot of setups use the off sync sensitivity and I've noticed nearly all of them are on 12000 DPI. When I convert those to my DPI, I end up with a sensitivity anywhere between 100 - 300 and it feels jittery, although playing with the smoothing settings has definitely helped in that regard.

However, now I am not sure what could be causing the jitter. Is it using the off-sync setting on a low DPI? Or is it because I am using a sensitivity above 100 (which I read might not be the best option)?  Or maybe a combination.. Just wondering now if I shouldn't use the off sync option with this mouse.

Thanks in advance!

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