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Game Support / Why no PS(5&4) Hell Let Loose profile?
« on: 08:47 AM - 03/21/22 »

Just asking 😎
Im on a PS5 using the remote solution, works nicely. On HLL Ive just chosen the Cold War profile to get along with. Works ok, but as HLL is a bit rough on the edges its har to differentiate what could be improved on.

XIM APEX Discussions / 2 weeks with a 4 Hz mouse..
« on: 02:20 PM - 10/24/19 »
.. Just found out tonight, though I would check for a Modern Warfare Apex download. 4Hz!?
Ok Im a sloppy gamer, 2 weels ago by coincidense I found out Logitech had new software for my G502 mouse. Not impressed. Irritated. Fancy menus. Dialed in the numbers, but must have missed the saving part, and somehow the mouse must have gone dark.

Usually play Modern Warfare Remastered a few hours every day, love the game. Yeah it was a bit uphill, not many keepers, lots of mehh, some rage quits.

Then I found out.
In my younger days I trained 200 meter intervals with a car tire behind me. The feeling of running free, without the darned thing was unbeleavable.
And also here. Back to my regular settings, 500Hz. Doing a string of keepers, sitting in ave about the precision, simply cutting through lobbys.

A new way of training? 2 weeks with a 4Hz mouse.

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