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Beta / smart actions batch copy
« on: 12:44 PM - 07/09/22 »
As the title says is it possible to batch copy multiple smart actions from one config to another? At the moment its a bit tedious doing each smart action one by one from config to config  .

Beta / modify aim sensitivity
« on: 10:43 PM - 07/07/22 »
i have modify aim sensitivity  on my right trigger what about in a future update to have sperate X and Y axis's where now we only have a combined one as i like to slow down  my Y axis more than my X axis

XIM NEXUS Discussions / GTA 5
« on: 01:51 AM - 06/19/22 »
Just a strange one I've started playing gta  v on ps5 with the beloader and for some strange reason the R1 R2 L1 L2 buttons don't work ? I've tried different  configs ps4 controller plugged into the side of the dongle tried without it .Also I've noticed that in the options settings in the game options i can change the controller layout but once i turn on the beloader they disappear . its like the remote play is flipping the  R1 R2  L1 L2  buttons ?

ps Vanguard and my other beloader games work perfect just GTA V

Beta / binding group
« on: 02:42 AM - 05/28/22 »
I'm trying to replicate the group bindings in the nexus manual page 31 to learn how they work and i can't get just this basic one to work what am i doing wrong ? It should as the manual says hold B button will cancel out A button when  B button is held down .

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM NEXUS [Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)] START COPY >>>

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Nexus replacement analog joysticks
« on: 05:57 PM - 04/02/22 »
it's only a matter of time that my analog joysticks  as in in the mechanical parts need to be replaced I'm not bothered about sending it back to have them replaced I'll just do it myself the question is are you going to be stocking parts for the Nexus and if not what analog joysticks mechanism units fit the Nexus ?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / ps5 controller firmware update
« on: 05:37 AM - 03/29/22 »
For the past week my ps5 console keeps asking to update my dualsense controller firmware .
I've been putting it off with concerns it could stop my nexus working with and without my beloader anybody got any thought's  i know the dualsense is not used with the nexus but you never know what sony's up to with theses updates

i like to run my games with both thumbstick and motion both at the same speeds so they don't fight each other when they transition from one to the other .

At the moment i do this by manually by looking at my character in game and manually setting thumbsticks speed and curve and then i try to match the same movement with the gyro .

My question is there a more scientific way i can input the same thumbstick and motion settings into my nexus manager what will give me the exact one to one for thumbstick and gyro settings so they both run in tandem

I run my gyro  so 40% of a full 360 degrees real time rotation of my controller does one ingame 360 degrees character rotation on hip settings and on ADS its 25% of controller rotation is one 360 degrees ingame rotation

would inputting the same  values in motion aim and thumbstick in the manager get me close to one to one  ?

Also i uses the experimental build with Stick Aim Custom Curve Symmetric Axes and  a custom curve which i guess also wont help ?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Elden Ring ST on pc
« on: 11:05 AM - 02/22/22 »
Elden Ring ST on pc

Any idea what ST you would try first ?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / couch shot
« on: 12:18 PM - 02/12/22 »
 In call of duty how do i create a crouch shot on left trigger pull ? when i try it my character just goes prone  ???

I know it may not help everyone but if you have a titan two or maybe a cronus zen if you use the beloader with your Nexus dongle plugged into your titan then your titan into the Beloader  .

The titan two detects what it thinks is a xbox controller and moves touchpad to share button and now your touchpad will work in game  . You will obviously lose your share button but better than nothing till there's a better solution

XIM NEXUS Discussions / aim assist
« on: 12:41 AM - 02/06/22 »
In the configs of each game we keep getting told max out in game sensitivity sure thats correct for the Xim apex but the nexus is a controller ?

so changed the nexus config thumbstick sensitivity to 100% and use the in game sensitivity at the level you would play that game with normal controller you then keep in the aim assist bubble which you loose running your game at maxed out in game sensitivity's  or am i missing something?

That's how I'm playing at the moment with my nexus keeping in game sensitivity to as low as possible to keep in that AA bubble 

XIM NEXUS Discussions / auto sprint
« on: 12:04 AM - 02/06/22 »
with our lovely expensive nexus controllers keep press press press that left thumbstick breaks my hart thinking i'm wearing out my thumbstick as it does with standard controllers .

antithesis touched on it by saying he uses the back button to sprint to save wearing out the left thumbstick  can't we add some kind of auto sprint option in the nexus config ?

It would free up the left thumbstick to bind to lets say crouch in game and also save wear and tear on the controller ?

When will we see shift overlay lays added to the nexus  as in the apex manager and in steam and reWASD on pc  ?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / global settings
« on: 11:51 PM - 02/05/22 »
As we start to crate configs and share them I'm noticing that a big part of the config is changing the global settings .

the problem is they are not game specific there global so when we change our config on the fly to the game we're  playing
we are having to start up our app manager look up the config here as see what the changers are in the global settings for that game from the user who has uploaded the config and manually input them per game.

WE need theses settings in each config not global ?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Nexus back buttons mod
« on: 10:53 PM - 02/03/22 »
I've added some sugrub logitech also make a copy which dries quicker called Kintsuglue on my back buttons to fit better to my hands .

I do this with all my controllers back buttons/paddles it easily comes off with just a sideways push and doesn't mark the controller once not needed but its stronger enough to withstand hours of gaming 



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