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When i  play on my pc with my controller i use reWASD  and i use theses in my configs and i was wondering if nexus could do the same.

1 Change in game button toggle to hold button ?

2 Change in game hold button to toggle button ?

3 trigger zone

what i do is when i press the left trigger ADS my character has normal stance for 90% of the trigger range but the final 10% my character go to crouch stance once i releases the trigger the stance returns to normal . it helps with reducing recoil and becoming a harder target to hit 

Now with console like COD games the crouch and prone button are the same can nexus create a crouch trigger or would it just go into the prone as it can't separate the prone from the crouch ?

Look guys the first batch of controllers are nearly here so Xim tech know the amount that's available for sale we for whatever reason don't .

The launch we keep getting told is this month. I think that we are already here the first ones that have found out about the nexus and coming each day on this forum hopping for the release date.

But how many are there of us?

I can only think the ones hiding in SHADOWS are what we need to worry about  we keep getting told " nexus is flying under the radar "  but is it ?

one of the suggested ideas is its  going to be a free for all when the nexus is released for sale  .

I understand why they won't tell us the exact time the xim tech store will start selling the nexus due to scalpers .
That is also an unfair system we all live in different time zones around the world some could be sleeping on release day only to wake up finding they've sold out . they need to be released to the network of distributors  for that to work.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / beloader
« on: 09:22 AM - 11/26/21 »
Ok so I've ordered a beloader in anticipation for when i get my Nexus ;D What im not finding is what's happening to my lovely HDR 4k graphics on my ps5 am i now down graded to 1080 ? there's nothing on beloader webpage and xim central also didn't cover what resolution this device is outputting to my oled screen .

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Ball park figure
« on: 02:51 AM - 11/03/21 »
Hi guys just wondering you talk about possible release of the Nexus controller this year could you give us a ballpark figure of the amount of controllers that will be available at launch so we've got some kind of idea of the chances of getting one thanks

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Suspicious behaviour cheating
« on: 11:57 PM - 10/27/21 »
I play with PS5 controller or the Nintendo Pro on  the PC using gyro with my controller I play with the gyro as always on.
In multiplayer games it would be incredibly hard for me to mimic  what a controller does on screen because of the giro my aim reticule and my basic movement is very erratic as the giro is so sensitive  it moves around.

 I can't keep the controller that still so when people spectate me in multiplayer games or when I get let say the best kill in call of duty and then there's a replay of it at the end my screen is very erratic but that can be just put down with people thinking that I'm just playing with mouse and keyboard and that's how it would happen .

 How do we go on when we're playing on console with the zim Nexus and people are spectating and they are sensing something is not right the controller would not behaving this way on the screen would we not get flagged for specious behaviour/ cheating?

Even my own gaming buddies don't know how i play on console they would notice something not right with my gameplay ?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Xim Central
« on: 10:15 PM - 10/15/21 »
As you guys have the nexus at a working stage what about starting the Xim Central tutorials on the Nexus now so we could then start to get an understanding of how we configure the controller.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / antithesis streaming with Nexus
« on: 08:49 AM - 10/13/21 »
I've noticed that antithesis holds the Nexus controller with his hands resting on what looks like a mouse mat ?

Has that come from trying to stabilize the gyro or is that just how you play with a standard controller ?

I myself don't changed my position with or without gyro my controller is in my hands that are resting on the upper part of my thighs   

« on: 09:47 PM - 10/12/21 »
Have the beta testers played pc games with the nexus ?

A lot of the posts i keep reading about how the nexus plays is from players who've little experience with gyro aiming before the using the Nexus ?  Does the nexus on pc exceed what steam overlay offers ?

will the nexus work with all pc games steam uplay origin ext.  ( even fitgirl like games  :)  )

What level of tuning of the controller will the nexus have?

thumbstick         deadzone turning ?

thumbstick         ADS sensitivity turning   ?

thumbstick         Hip Fire sensitivity turning ?

Tigger stops ( Xbox elite )

Control freaks will they fit the thumbsticks ? 

XIM NEXUS Discussions / overclocking
« on: 10:25 AM - 10/12/21 »

A lot of use hardcore pc gamers overclock our controllers using the popular lordofmice software to reduce input lag .Will that work on the nexus ?

I use my PlayStation 5 controller with my PC and steam overlay with all my games be it multiplayer or single-player the steam overlay gives me access to the giro what I use to complement my thumb stick aiming
As steam has got so many options in it's overlay on the giro I'm able to neatly and I do say nearly equal out the transition from when I'm moving the thumb stick to aim and  I'm moving the controller gyro but one of the problems i find is that if you move the  sticks slower than the giro or vice versa they start fighting each other as one's trying to slow me down and the other ones trying to speed me up I use them both in tandem how does the zim Nexus get round this problem of the giro and the thumb stick trying to to fight each other when one wants to move it quicker or slower than the other


« on: 11:36 AM - 10/09/21 »
I'm using remote play with xim link +xim apex + steam overlay +playing on controller with gyro


Whats happening i cant rebind the ps button on my controller so when i press the PS button on my controller it opens steam big picture what i need for the overlay to work  and what ever it opens or does on the PlayStation.

Xim link when on stops the keyboard /mouse inputs on the pc but not the controller .

I can't reassign the button in xim manager as its the main controller i can't add another as you cant have two of the same controllers plugged into the apex and i can't seem to rebind the ps button in steam .
I've looked into the desktop big picture  config but thats  got it locked any ideas guys?

I've tried minimising  but that didn't help


hi guys

Bit of a strange request for help .What i used to do with my ps4 was use my  ps4 controller xim apex titan two and xim link to my pc .I had two screens one for the ps4 game and the other for the pc i'd start my ps4 game lets say cod blackout .Then  would go on my pc start steam in big picture mode use a game that enabled the steam overlay to fully function at the pc games options screen NOT in the game PUBG worked perfect .I then would have a fully functioning steam controller overlay with full gyro support then just hit the xim link hot key and my ps4 controller would use the steam overlay with full gyro support so i would play my ps4 games with controller and gyro support with steams full customisable overlay and as i can see your new NEXUS MOTION CONTROLLER you can see the potential of using the gyro with a console game  ( i'd buy the nexus controller in a heartbeat if there's full ps5 support not just remote play I'll probably no defiantly buy it regardless of ps5 support and cost  ;D       )   

Then i got my  ps5 and didn't try this method again with the ps5 now as support at the moment going forward is a bit bleak cod vanguard etc i got the idea to revisit the gyro method . So i'm trying to get steam overlay to work on my pc with PlayStation remote play this is what I've tried and i think there's a method in there to get it to work but its beaten me .
here's what is i have
 ps console + 2 ps 5 controllers
 ps remote play  also  Repl4y (doesn't now support steam overlay but it did before )
 two screens
 xim link + cable   
 xim apex 
 tittan two

any ideas how to get any of them combinations to get gyro support guys in remote play ?


 hi guys

https://xim.tech/ i can't access from the uk anymore ? I'm having to us a vpn  saying my location is in the USA  to write this . 
my mobile  phone won't access it also I'm having to use the TOR web browser to get onto this site now


XIM Link / PS4 gyroscope thought steam and xim link
« on: 07:16 AM - 02/22/19 »
Hi I've got the apex but not the transfer cable my question is I use a ps 4 controller through stream on pc and use the PS4 gyroscope to assist aiming which is amazing could this feature work through the xim link on a PS4 console?. I've a cronusmax and I've had that working through max-aim and a steam controller using the gyroscope but I don't like the right track pad on the steam controller but couldn't get the ps 4 controller to work through the  steam software  and the gyroscope on the ps4 console

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