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Hey Ximmers,

Just saw this mouse on Amazon and seen some reviews on it. Looks like the G502 with a similar sensor. I was just curious as to anyone who might also checking out this mouse or if anyone has bought it and used it with the Xim?

Hi everyone,

New to the forum here but I've been an Apex user for almost a year now and love everything about it.  I am currently shooting with the Zowie Fk1 ( which I have had for years) and it is finally giving up on me. The question I have is that I am in the market for another mouse so I am looking for something that will poll 1000hz consistently as I like to play with the max polling settings on both Xim and Mouse at 3200 DPI. 

I have read throughout the forums that some mice doesn't poll consistently at 1000hz so I wan't to avoid in purchasing an item that I have to return.
If anyone knows of any mice that fits the criteria I would be greatly appreciate it. All suggestions are welcome. You guys rock, thanks.

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