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XIM APEX Discussions / Help with siege sensitivity
« on: 02:30 AM - 05/19/22 »
Ok so pre patch i kept the ads at 75 but that was at the old fov which i believe was 60. Now I'm running an fov of 84 and it feels much slower. What should i change my ads to now that you can change the fov?

Apex manager not working on iPhone after latest update.

XIM APEX Discussions / CrossfireX support on the series X?
« on: 04:38 AM - 02/13/22 »
Will there be support for this game on the series x? If so any idea when it'll be supported?

Does the xim nexus controller work with kontrolfreeks or any other brand of stick extensions? I tried using my Xbox kontrolfreeks and the sticks on the xim nexus seemed slightly on the wider side to fit. Any suggestions?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Xim nexus stopped working.
« on: 08:08 AM - 02/11/22 »
Yesterday was fine now today it won't detect my Xbox controller that's plugged in i tried multiple official Microsoft Xbox controllers just says it's not connected when it is via wire. Was working fine yesterday

XIM APEX Discussions / Halo infinite series x questions
« on: 11:54 AM - 11/27/21 »
I notice that with the configuration settings provided that the 360 feels very slow and the turn max rate gets hit very quickly. Is there any way to counter this? When i get flanked or shot in the back it is very hard to react to it quickly.

Also what synchronization should i be using? I'm on the series x in performance mode in game on a 120hz monitor at 1080p and 3200dpi on a logitech g pro wireless super light.

Any help or tips or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Game Support / Battlefield 2042 config recommendations
« on: 10:07 PM - 11/20/21 »
Any idea of when this game will be supported for Xbox Series X? Until then, what configs and setups do you guys recommend using?

Game Support / Where is the cold War official config?
« on: 11:32 AM - 11/22/20 »
Does anyone know when the config is coming out? The game has been out for a few weeks officially and months since the beta launched but still no support. Why is it taking so long to support this game?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim apex and Xbox series X and ps5
« on: 01:28 PM - 09/11/20 »
will the xim apex work with Xbox series X and ps5? People on reddit are saying it won't

XIM APEX Discussions / Rainbow six siege sensitivity.
« on: 03:51 PM - 07/22/20 »
What's better for siege on xbox, updated or standard? What's the difference? 500hz? 3200dpi?

Im just wondering if anyone's tried the new deathadder v2 or viper ultimate with 20k dpi sensor? How does the xim apex handle 20k Dpi? Thoughts?

Should I switch to the new updated settings they added to siege today? Is there going to be a update to xim apex to support the new sensitivity changes to siege? It's a new feature they added today.

XIM APEX Discussions / G502 Hero
« on: 02:21 PM - 03/29/19 »
Does anyone here use the Logitch g502 Hero edition? If so, what dpi and polling rate do you use? Also what mouse pad do you recommend with 16k dpi? Cloth or hard, which is better? Any tips or advise for setting up this mouse would gladly be appreciated. I play mostly rainbow six siege and battlefield.

XIM APEX Discussions / Battlefield 5?
« on: 09:47 PM - 03/27/19 »
Is there going to be a battlefield 5 config? Anyway I can setup the xim apex for battlefield 5?

XIM APEX Discussions / Zowie FK1+ Polling rate?
« on: 04:15 PM - 03/12/19 »
Is it better to run this mouse at 500hz or 1000hz? Does it do 1000hz stable or no?

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